HongKong, A Blockchain Hotbed?

What good are metropolitan cities if they are not investing in the future of things. No country wants to be left behind in the global rat race to be the most efficient in at least one domain. Countries love to specialize, then to flaunt their area of expertise.

Hong Kong is an emerging tech and automation hotbed for innovation. The city is filled with automated kiosks, vending machines and electronic self service tills. And if that were not reason enough for young people to fall in love with the light and speed of the city then what else could! No seriously! What could if not this. The right answer is think again! Thinking again would enable you to use the gleaming beauty your brain is to arrange facts and ideas in your head in such a manner that they actually make sense!

So, returning to Hong Kong the fast paced, shining at day and night – town of the haphazard and yet well organised happenings – hottest of the technovational domains on this planet that You and I live on – city.

Life is better by the stimulating city squares, street food and tech. I do not care for any contention here, because there ought to be none.

No city that likes to call itself a tech-centric cosmopolitan is cosmo enough without the best in class, top notch realms that the industry has produced anywhere. If it is happening anywhere, it must happen in the tech-centric wonderland first. The city must at least aim to be powered by the agencies of state, businesses and its labor market to help to educate, motivate, transcend and move forward with plans of innovation and tech exploration.

Hong Kong has successfully done that. It has tapped into its human resource, muscle and brain strength, money that talks the big talk and the right environment for healthy mushroom growth and emergence of several startups focused on very specific blockchain centered work. It has successfully done what was rightly expected of it. That too, despite it being what the rest of the world is still struggling to barely argue and think about. 

According to the government of the Hong Kong state, the need has emerged to bring out a great deal of professionals who can focus on this growing tech hype, to pull out some crazy rabbits out of their brilliant hats.

The report shows a great detail on the aspects of innovation and technology. It calls for experts who qualify or are specialists in ”distributed ledger technologies” (DLT’s) as well as “experienced professionals in Fintech.”

Other than this 11 professions are listed. These include waste-treatment specialists, naval architects, and vinyl-pressing engineers. These are supposed to reflect the talents that Hong Kong needs the most. People in a matter of two months have already begun their work and testing on these areas using various blockchain servers.

Does your state or city focus on the needs of tomorrow? Do you feel this is a step in the right direction? Let us know, because we love to know!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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