Hong Kong Based Football Club Integrates eBoost Platform for its Matchday Options

Professional football club Pegasus FC of Hong Kong has partnered with blockchain-based gaming platform eBoost to cater as a payment option for fans to buy matchday tickets, merchandise, and half-time refreshments. The Kowloon based football club has also indicated that 20-25% of all the purchases on the club merchandise and products will be made with crypto for this season.

The partnership became active in early October and has enabled fans to access game tickets including exclusive top-tier seats, club shop merchandise, and exclusive player autographs and photographs using the eBoost token EBST.

While eBoost is yet to respond to queries regarding their plans to aim for bigger football leagues in Europe, a former player, and current analyst Ray Hutchinson discussed the prospects and shared that the larger football community is still unaware of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. So it is uncertain to say if the two can ever integrate on a large scale. Talking to BlockPublisher, he said:

I can’t say [if football will ever be associated with cryptocurrencies] but everything has to start somewhere.

Pegasus seems to be really adamant about the football-crypto prospects. In addition to the partnership with eBoost, they have also developed a Football Manager game for mobile devices where the EBST can be used to purchase in-game material and merchandise like player attire, footballs, kits, and other items.

It is certainly a start for cryptos and blockchain to become a part of the football world, as Pegasus carries an international reputation for creativity and versatility. They are one of the most beloved clubs in Hong Kong and have become the first in the region to become associated with cryptocurrencies. Much to the delight of major shareholder Mr. Lam, who shared his pride at the innovative forefront that Pegasus find themselves in. He revealed that the club was the first one in the region to employ players from Africa and Europe and now becomes the first to adopt cryptocurrencies.

In hindsight, the partnership shows great prospect for mainstream crypto adoption, if not crypto-football. The young fans all around Hong Kong will now be able to firsthand be familiarized with the functionality of cryptocurrencies and according to Lam, the integration of eBoost was ideated behind this very need of the youth.

The full announcement from Pegasus FC can be found here:

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