Honest Review on Crypto-Games, A Drunken Gamble?

Ugly Interface

Idek, about the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder crap. All i know is i like pretty things and a game that distracts me from the playin’ bit to the watchin’ bit and getting fine a** disappointed or disgusted, I AM NOT PLAYIN’ IT.

A user on Bitstrip said:

The appearance can be accurately described in one word: hideous.

Wow the user must be very unhappy. Maybe you can take a look and decide for yourself. Couldn’t be that bad after all right. Well. It straight damn it is!

The font is overused, buttons and tabs are extremely bland-looking, there is not a single thing that i feel has some kinda design effort or design spirit in it. It is one thing to design and fail and it is clearly a different league to not even try. You are making a game, have some decency to design it!

And not just this everything about the site seems rushed. This is not a mediocre race to launch something, anything, you need to be a good one to survive, there are so many casinos out there and a great deal of them offer more than 3000 Bitcoin only games. MBitCasino for example or CryptoCasino.io

The website looks like a scam at best, specially because of all the spelling mistakes in the first few minutes on the site. It is okay, a casino does not have to spell well, it is not a spelling bee contest after all. But, you guys, give us some respect on choosing our casinos. Give us some class.

Even the color scheme is a hideous one.

Fairness & funding

The provably fair tab not only provides everything needed to verify your bets, but also a somewhat clear explanation on how numbers are generated is required of casinos. Yet, casinos like such fail to fulfill the bare minimum. Although a mediocre initiative was taken to create a YouTube video explaining the provable fairness concept, nothing really makes sense there.

The financials also suck. Although exact stats aren’t shown, the maximum surprises everybody, even poor faucet users. Too bad and too good to be true!

In one roll, no more than 0.1 Bitcoins can be won. This sucks compared to probably the worst casino ever as well!

The payout is similar for altcoins as well, being able to win only 6 LTC, 70K Doge, or 70 DarkGold.

I will not be a regular player thanks to this, or a player at all thanks to the graphics of the year!

Even the community was unimpressive and inactive. I was shocked at the sluggishness and the laziness that surrounded around the whole place.

Instead of the usual chat, the creator was lazy enough to put in a web plugin that connects users via an embedded IRC channel.

The games are nothing new, and even then aren’t well recreated. The fact that an advertisement is shown on the front page explains a lot for itself. In a world full of glammed up choices, i would rather take my bets some place else than here in hideous-land.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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