History Is Made As A Baby In Tanzania Becomes First To Be “Put On the Blockchain”

Since blockchain technology is still so new, we see incredible and novel firsts being made from time to time. Now, the world is celebrating with an Irish medical aid project that has allowed for a baby to be born via the instrumental collection of digital information of it’s mother’s medical records.

As per a report by the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, the Irish AID:Tech in collaboration with the Dutch PharmAccess aimed to track and send equal and transparent donations to deserving charities around the globe.

With blockchain technology that goal was achieved far quicker as in a project for pre-natal care, the collection of underprivileged women’s medical records enabled the organization to provide them with the adequate medical care necessary for speedy recoveries as the system is alerted as per the medical needs of the mother.

Now, in a world first, on the 13th July 2018 the digital identity of a baby born in Tanzania has been added to this digital ledger. Now, the baby along with others is entitled to the imperative care and allocation of funds that would otherwise be harder to track and source. 

In the report, it is stated that the initiative was started by CEO Joseph Thompson who was looking for a viable solution to the problem of fraudulent and illegal practices after his own experience with charities and donations getting “lost” instead of being used to help those in need.

The AID:Tech model was founded in 2015 and has since then helped save a lot of lives. Most notably, the lives of Syrian refugees who took refuge in Lebanon where they settled down in hopes of possibly rebuilding their lives. The company’s blockchain powered system ensures that only the intended person receives the donations and is quick to filter out and recognize invalid or fraudulent activities via safeguards that have been put in place.

Projects such as the AID:Tech model are why more and more innovation and investment needs to be put into blockchain technology to provide unmatched services that allow for greater transparency, sustainability and better solutions for the world’s problems.




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