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Here’s Why the Crypto World Should be Regulated – Explains Co-Founder Morgan Creek Digital

At the moment, the crypto world is largely unregulated. It has been a Wild West ride for cryptos since the beginning. Owing to the lack of a regulatory framework, a lot of illegal activities and scams have seeped into this space. But as more and more institutions and organizations are showing their interest in the world of cryptos, it seems inevitable that the need for regulation will grow exponentially. In order to provide a transparent and secure fabric of operation to the institutions, general investors and organizations, regulation is necessary.

BlockPublisher recently got in touch with the co-founder and general partner of Morgan Creek Digital, Jason Anthony Williams, in order to get his insightful opinion regarding this matter. In reply to the question regarding whether regulations should be present in the crypto world or should the governments just leave it alone, he said:

I probably have an unpopular opinion about this but I believe regulation has to be real. The way to engage cryptocurrencies, ICOs, STOs, especially here in the United States, there has to be a roadmap to secure and protect the investors and the investment. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll always have speculative situation, small-ball, not a lot of money moving into the space, and potentially could kill the whole movement. So I’m a huge supporter of regulations, transparency, roadmaps to understanding what I own, how I own it, how its custody, those are all really important moments.

Jason seemed to be “all-in” on the idea of regulation and transparency of operations. He even suggested that regulatory clarity is more important than a crypto-linked exchange-traded fund (ETF).

I don’t think ETF is as big as regulatory clarity. And they probably happen around the same time because I think part of the ETF issue is the regulatory clarity

Regulatory unclarity is one of the major reasons why the general trust regarding cryptos among the public and investors is so low. Owing to the illegal activities and scams associated with cryptos, a negative connotation has been attached to this world in the mainstream media. Regulatory frameworks can help eliminate and mitigate these illegal and scam activities associated with this space and as a result, trust regarding cryptos can be increased. Major institutions and organizations are also likely to step into this world if clarity is made regarding regulations and the issues such as manipulation, custody, liquidity etc. associated with this space are eliminated out.

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