Here Are The Top 5 Cities That Are Leading the Way To Bitcoin Adoption!

We hear the cryptoverse receiving a lot of flak for the many controversies it entails, whether it is the recent resurgence of market manipulation or the crazy scams that keep popping up, blockchains are not without their fair share of problems.

However, we recently saw Sweden take up their tech arms and make waves in the cryptoverse by stating that they would become the first nation to go completely cashless by 2023! The move isn’t quite as surprising if you take a closer look at Sweden’s progressive relationship with innovation and technology, however it isn’t the only place on Earth where citizens are embracing blockchains with open arms!

There are multiple cities worldwide that are as interested in the applications of cryptos as Sweden;

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires has long been known for it’s long time economic crisis with it’s high inflation and depreciating currency. That’s why it is no wonder that the city is moving towards Bitcoin instead. The city which contains a whopping 2.9 million citizens has over 130 businesses currently accepting the crypto as acceptable alternative payment.

Zurich, Switzerland

This entry in the list might be slightly less surprising as much like Sweden, the largest Swiss city is already quite technologically advanced as they are well known as a literal global center for banking and finance. With a population of approximately 400,000 people, the 64 businesses and 8 Bitcoin friendly ATMs are no small feat.

San Francisco, America

Although the U.S has had a shaky relationship with cryptos in the past, things are really looking up for the cryptoverse there especially since Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerburg recently shared his hopes to integrate blockchain technology within his social media platform. Not mention the fact that San Francisco is home to Coinbase which is arguably the world’s most popular crypto wallet.

Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Acting as the headquarters of Bitcoin exchange, Bitstamp, this tiny but formidable city also deserves a mention for it’s accelerated growth in crypto adoption with an impressive 50 something businesses already accepting Bitcoin.

Vancouver, Canada

Dubbed as the “Bitcoin capital” of good old Canada, Vancouver is making strides in Bitcoin adoption as you can buy anything from Coffee to Marijuana using Bitcoins from the 60 something businesses that accept it as payment. Not to mention the approximately 80 Bitcoin ATM’s all over the city.

These five are among the many other cities and nations around the world that are understanding the futility of attempting to ignore the power of blockchain based technology any longer. We look forward to more examples of crypto adoption in the near future!

Till then, keep HODL’n on!

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