Here Are 18 Real World Applications of the Blockchain Tech Across Industries

The encrypted and decentralized ledger technology of blockchain, which is behind the digital currency revolution that is the Bitcoin has won over several industries and businesses. It is mainly because of its nature to eliminate the intervention of intermediaries, which helps streamlining the business processes and making the entire process faster and more secure. Ever since its inception, the blockchain tech continues to grow significantly, making waves in almost every sector of life.

We have listed down the 18 blockchain projects for the year 2018, that are thriving as they help industries across the table.

Applications in Cybersecurity


The easiest way to understand Guardtime is to see it in context of Google. Where Google organizes the world’s information and makes it universally available, Guardtime on the other hand, validates that information and makes it universally reliable. Furthermore, Guardtime Federal exclusively supports cybersecurity requirements of the US Department of Defense.


With REMME you can wave goodbye to passwords, without the fear of break-ins. It implements unbreakable, foolproof user authentication in order to protect users, employees, and company’s data from cyber attacks.

Applications in the Healtcare Sector


This company is broadening applications of bloackchain technology uy working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and the European technology services company, Tieto, in order to put disease outbreak data onto a blockchain, which will ultimately increase the effectiveness of the relief and response process.

SimplyVital Health

This platform has two health-realted blockchain products in the works; ConnectingCare, which tracks the health progress of patients after they are discharged from the hospital. And Health Nexus, which aims to decentralize the patient records.

Applications in the Banking & Financial Sector


Barclays has launched quite a few technological initiatives that involve the tracking of financial transactions, fighting fraud and compliance.


The shipping and transport syndicate has revealed plans for a blockchain solution in order to streamline the marine insurance.


Augur allows for blockchain-powered predictions in a decentralized ecosystem.

  • Political Forecasting
  • Event Hedging
  • Weather prediction
  • Company Forecasting

Applications in the World of Manufacturing


This particular project is aimed at the supply chain industry. Provenance wants to provide blockchain-based provenance record of transparency within the supply chain.


It is a business-led, community-based project that allows members to locally produce and sell energy, all the while reducing costs involved in energy distribution.

Applications in Charity


Bitgive is on a mission to provide greater transparency to charity donations. It is further working with established organizations like The Water Project, Medic Mobile and Save the Children.

Applications in Retail


This is an endeavor for a fully permission-less, decentralized marketplace. OpenBazzar wants a market where no middleman is involved in trading of goods and services.


Loyyal is a universal blockchain-powered framework that provides an opportunity to customers to combine trade and loyalty reward points in newer ways so they can take advantage of more sophisticated loyalty packages.

Applications in the Real Estate Business


This startup is building a blockchain-driven system in order to track the complicated legal process, which often creates friction and more importantly expenses in the process of real estate transfer.

Applications in Tourism & Transportation

Arcade City

This is an application, which wants to pick a fight with Uber by moving ride sharing and car hiring onto the blockchain.


It is an online travel portal, developing a blockchain solution in order to search for empty hotel rooms, so they can be efficiently tracked and traded.

Applications in Media


Kodak has only recently jumped on the blockchain wagon, by working on a blockchain system for tracking intellectual property rights and payments to photographers.

Ujo Music

Ujo Music can record as well as, track royalties for musicians and also allows them to create a record of ownership of their work.

Smart Contracts


This Ethereum based internet-of-things (IoT) platform, is helping people in renting just about anything, from bicycles to apartments, simply by unlocking a smart lock after the contract is mutually agreed upon.

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