Hello. I Am Your Virtual Human Agent

Hollywood has been throwing “AI taking over the world” movies since pretty all of us can remember. But the human race is nothing if not persistent and so despite the movies better warnings, we have ended up with a Siri, a Cortana and an Alexa. Not to forget Google’s unnamed assistant.

But I guess, things aren’t as eerie or “loom, gloom and impending doom” with these disembodied computerized voices. But what if, these voices were to receive virtual and even physical incarnations? Reminds me of a particular Black Mirror episode to be honest.

But it did happen, even if you didn’t notice it or see it in that context. Remember Sony’s creation, Sophia? The robot that could mimic human gestures, like asking questions, maintaining eye contact and even offering a smile when the situation warranted.

Another human like avatar was introduced by Magic Leap One, which is a Google owned unicorn startup. This one was named Mica and was able to answer detailed questions, such as recalling a person’s favorite song from a concert attended a year ago, according to CNN.

And now, as we have progressed in the era of blockchain tech, things are going to change for the AI industry. The potential of blockchain tech and what it could do for this particular industry, seems to have caught the attention of a Japanese startup, Connecttome.

Connecttome has developed virtual human assistant (VHA) on blockchain with an aim to democratize the building and commercial distribution of AI agent. What the startup sees is a market that is rapidly growing with the human desire to improve the existing tech. In this case particularly, that refers to the replacement of user interfaces with more human-like AI agents.

Connecttome is working closely with a Japenese tech firm, Couger. The firm has a valuable experience of 12 years in different blockchain, AI, AR/VR -related projects. And their portfolio is pretty impressive in the least, including big clientele such as Honda, and Japanese telecommunications company KDDI.

With the amount of blockchain powered projects already present, you’d think it’s just a marketing gimmick for the company to jump on the bandwagon with a project that people are likely to forget, considering the abundance of them. On the contrary Connecttome, doesn’t want to some fad that will fade away with time. They mean serious business.

The startups’ platform is set to facilitate thousands of developers and entrepreneurs alike, to exchange and trade the human-like AI agents that they develop, and the data that is required to train them. Furthermore, Connecttome will provide individuals and companies with a method of securing ownership and other rights on their AI agents.

As of November 2018, any public announcements of initial public offerings, initial coin offerings, or any other fundraising activities by Connectome, are yet to be made by the platform.

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Abeer Anwaar

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