HashCash Consultants Announces Partnership With Australian Game Developers

HashCash Consultants, a California-based software development company, has announced its partnership with an Australian game developer to explore monetization options using blockchain.

The name of the developer company was not revealed.

HashCash recently introduced a blockchain based gaming platform that offered services such as organization of ICOs, integration of existing gaming platforms to a blockchain platform and creation of a cryptocurrency exchange platform for their product PayBito.

The quick, secure and legitimate in-game transactions that can be made through blockchain without revealing personal details has made blockchain an ideal technology for hardcore gamers. People who were weary of the chances of frauds using mainstream marketplaces are looking up to blockchain to let them game in peace.

Hashcash’s gaming platform is reported to processes large volumes of data while maintaining full privacy, and speedy validation of transactions.

Source: hashcashconsultants.com/blockchain-gaming-platform

As reported earlier, game developers are embracing blockchain more warm heartedly than the rest of the world, probably because of their familiarity with virtual currencies or the huge risks blockchain cuts out in transaction security and convenience.

Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

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