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Hash House – A Crypto Themed Café

Even with the existence of nationwide ban on exchange of cryptocurrencies in China, the complete elimination of exchanges seems quite impossible. The newest addition has been the Hash House café located in Xian, China. The feature, which makes Hash House different from other cafés, is its relatively uncommon theme, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The crypto themed café offers sanction for all the crypto enthusiasts to learn and explore the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The cafe will officially open this month in the latter part, with a three day Blockchain Carnival event. The services, in this café are not limited to food and drinks.

The blockchain and crypto themed cafe acts as a hub for all the crypto enthusiasts. Seminars are conducted in the cafe about crypto and blockchain technology. Weekly meetups are also planned at the cafe in order to discuss and keep tabs on whats new in the crypto world. The cafe also houses a development studio for blockchain based startups, where the general public can work whilst enjoying warm beverages. In addition, it also has classrooms, meeting rooms, a 2,000 square-meter exhibition area, and 500 square meters of office space.

The cafe also exhibits crypto and blockchain based merchandise for all the crypto enthusiasts to purchase. It provides white papers of multiple blockchain based startups as well as books related to this subject. Crypto mining hardware is also displayed with information about its origin. They also have multiple digital wallets from all over the world. The best thing about these services is that they do not cost a penny. As for the food and drinks, they can be paid for by using Bitcoin Cash. Hash House excepts Bitcoin Cash exclusively in addition to the fiat currency.

The founder of Hash House Kirk Su is a graduate of the Indian University. He told in an interview that when he came back to his homeland, he noted that a gap existed in the tech industry. People were not as familiar with the blockchain technology and its myriad of applications in real life. As compared to the other parts of the world, he felt that China was lagging behind and did not know about the full functionality it offered. At that point he had already been involved in mining cryptocurrencies for three years and decided to give back to his community by sharing his knowledge and expertise.

In recent years, due to some infamous hacking cases, crypto has earned quite a notorious reputation for itself. There have been a number of scams which have robbed the investors of millions of dollars. So there is a basic need to educate the people about the utility of the underlying technology and the advantages that a distributed ledger technology can offer to its users.

Kirk also explained how he has incorporated various marketing techniques to promote the cafe and the ingenious platform. In addition to the food, the cafe also has a Harley Davidson exhibited, which can only be purchased by Bitcoin Cash. The crypto themed decorations in the cafe have attracted a huge audience who like to hangout at the place and post pictures on social media platforms. This effort has proved to be invaluable for the cafe as it hasn’t even been a month and people are flying over to the city to pay a visit to the Hash House.

All in all, it is good to see that cryptocurrency is being accepted in various domains. This kind of mainstream positive projection is what is the need of the hour, as it would allow the technology to blend in faster despite the strong resistances.

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