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HandCash Releases MainNet BETA for Android

Bitcoin Cash wallet, HandCash, an SPV client that is designed to enable Near Filed Communication transactions, has just released a MainNet Beta for Android as an updated version to the beta version which was released on 10th February. The new update allows for HandCash users to use a wide range of features including the use of handles in transactions to specify the receiver’s address.

At the moment, the wallet is still in its beta phase, but it focuses on ease of use and a range of unique features. One particularly unique aspect of the wallet’s performance is its ability to complete Near Field Communication (NFC) transactions in a matter of seconds. This feature effectively resembles handing someone cash in the use of fiat currency in the traditional setting, hence the name ‘HandCash.’ This way, anyone using BCH in making day-to-day transactions can make in-person transactions with NFC without the need to enter a specific address or QR code.

In addition to NFC capability, the Bitcoin Cash wallet has a unique system for addresses as it allows for its users to use their usernames instead. This feature is called Cashtags. The developers said that this feature is not linked to any particular address but the user’s phone ID. With Cashtags, users send Bitcoin Cash to other users using HandCash, and the wallet system generates a new address for each transaction they make.

The wallet was also developed with a one-tap wallet backup feature which is more effective than the standard 12-word backup phrase. The team behind HandCash developed a system that encrypts a wallet back up file which is stored using both private key and the rights to a specific Cashtag username in a specified Google Drive folder. This way, when a user who logged in using a Google account was to change their phone, they can quickly recover their wallet on the first screen once they reinstall HandCash.

The current versions goes an extra mile to offer the platform’s users a new range of use cases. The update allows users to conduct transactions efficiently by merely mentioning the receiver’s user handle. The transfer of BCH is done within a couple of seconds from when the user made the transfer request. This capability was the main aim of developing the HandCash app, to make its use resemble the act of handling cash in the traditional setting.

Since the advent of the app in February, the HandCash app has remained in it Beta as the apps developers were working on some issues in the app’s functionality. At the moment, the development team at HandCash want their users to regard the HandCash app as being on its Beta even though the app runs on the MainNet. This state remains so until the app gets the necessary paperwork approval.

Some of the problems that users had experienced when attempting to log in after installing the app have been resolved in the updated version.

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