Halloween Just Got Spookier

Since, October is the month of spooky things and Halloween, we decided to make things a little scary. If you’re looking to get terrified then proceed to read and enter the dungeon of horror. These horror stories of worst financial decisions will surely send shivers down your spine.

The Dismays of a Cheap USB

This lad right here, let’s call him Joe, started mining late in 2009 when bitcoin mining was relatively still new. It started out as a mere hobby and he never took it seriously. Back when the blockchain was small, even a single card could mine quite a few coins per day. As it grew, Joe’s computer couldn’t handle it and since he wasn’t looking to upgrade it, he decided to delete the software and backed his encrypted wallet on a USB stick. He acted smart by not storing it online. They weren’t that much but he still wanted to keep them around for sentimental value.

So, around the time when 2013 peaked to under $1000 USD, Joe decided to test out his luck. He found his USB stick and plugged it in… but to his horror, it had died. Not because it had a water damage or heat damage. It died because it was too old. It was one of those cheap Chinese, flimsy USBs that got worn out. All his Bitcoins are now lost forever.

Pump and Dump

This one is such an act of carelessness; you might laugh with tears. So, Mr. M, was actively trading on Bittrex with about $9000 worth of BTC. He was new to Bitcoin so he kept it lowkey by minor trading, purchasing various alt coins. He was in i8 t for the learning process more than making cash.

One fine day he logged into his account and found out that all his altcoins had vanished. His account had been hacked into because he didn’t have the two-factor authentication. All his altcoins had been traded by then. Well, I guess this did teach him a valuable lesson.

who_needs_charisma when you can easily be glitched

Practice does make you perfect but there can be occasional slip-ups. One such thing happened to this Reddit user, who has been named thankfully. Due to a computer glitch bought 8x units of a doomed altcoin than they wanted to.

Cherry on top, he is one of those “early idiots” that spent bitcoin on pointless items because it was new. Right now, his stock would have been worth $250,000+

James Howells

This is an old folk and we’re all familiar with it. It’s tale as old as time and now considered one of the legends. It’s an ancient, spooky story that your grandma tells you.

Back in 2013, IT worker James Howells lost 7,5000 bitcoins after he accidentally disposed of an old hard disk. He went through the landfill at a waste recycling center in Pillgwenlly but all efforts in vain. It contained his private key and right now its worth would have been $55,125,000.


A paid one-night stand

Yeah, hiring a sex worker for sex is also a paid one-night stand but this one goes to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL.

Mr. Sexytime was a pretty big nerd and hadn’t had very much luck with women but he was good with his bitcoins.

So, while he was looking on the forum, he came across this Russian girl who was selling her virginity. Being the nerd, he was also a virgin. His simple mind thought that it might be a romantic gesture.

She was 18 and they started talking. After getting comfortable, he sent her 1.5 BTC she had been requesting. But the slow transaction speed worked like a bad-luck charm because, by the time she acknowledged the payment, she said it was too late.

She had already slept with 3 guys and two of them were for free!!

Sometimes you gotta come outside your cave and experience something real.

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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