HalalChain Might Help in Your Quest For Authentic Halal Food

If you are a practicing Muslim living abroad in a non-Muslim country, then you definitely know the struggle and the lengths you have to go to in order to find Halal food. And even when you do manage to find it, there is always an uncertainty lingering in your head as you look at that delicious halal chicken sandwhich, is it even authentic halal or not?

Well, blockchain might have a solution for you. Anyway, the blockchain powered, HalalChain will let you devour your food in peace with the certainty of it being halal.

For those of you who might be a little lost, halal food refers to the food items that people of the Islamic faith are allowed to eat. Pork, alcohol and all related products are completely off the table for practicing Muslims. So, you can imagine the struggle of a person who lives in countries where such items are a staple.

The halal food supply chain is highly complex as of now and requires trading partners to adhere to rigorous product segregation practices. All too often, however, these practices are not rigorous enough, causing failures that have eroded consumer trust. According to the whitepaper,

The absence of standardized halal certification system at the global level has given rise to technical barriers for cross-border trading of halal products among international economies.

Inaccurate and unauthentic data, poor regulation of raw materials and the centralized regulation of halal products, are also listed amongst the problems faced by the halal food industry.

Now, if we put blockchain in that equation, a technology that is specifically tailored to engender trust and provide tamper-proof data of product flow, it is highly likely to provide a solution for the traceability issues.

HalalChain is a decentralized global monitoring solution for product safety and integrity which is achieved by harnessing the power of the technology of consortium chain, with the particular attention in the field of Halal industry, including food, medicine and cosmetics.

HalalChain’s Solution

HalalChain offers a solution for the Islamic ecosystem through the following measures.

Reliable data acquisition system

There is no manual intervention during the automatic collection and uploading of product information in the supply chain that ensures accuracy of the data.

Distributed halal food supply chain

Based on the blockchain and smart contract technology, the product information data on the chain is unique and resistant to modification.

Decentralized product traceability platform

The platform data is ensured safely and reliably through the optimization of the PBFT protocol and separate deployment of the central node and enterprise node.

Leading cross chain protocol

The cross chain data exchange and transmission between blockchain and consortium chain is realized through the adoption of cross chain multi-chain protocol.

Consensus data processing and storage system

HalalChain could realize classified storage of the data collected by the IOT devices, of which the consensus data would be stored in the blockchain, while the image data and product data would be stored in the IPFS distributed storage system via the adoption of Meckel tree technology from Ethereum.

HalalChain's Working Chart
Source: www.hlc.com

Furthermore, apart from halal foods, blockchain technology can also be used in ensuring the integrity of organic, non-GMO and gluten-free foods.

The company is operative in primary halal markets like UAE, Indonesia and Malaysia. However it is not limited to Muslim countries only. The secondary markets for it are Australia, Thailand and others.

The Team

HalalChain's Team
Source: www.hlc.com
HalalChain's Advisors
Source: www.hlc.com

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