Green Blockchain: Ford Uses Blockchain to Track their Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

The American automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company is looking into blockchain technology to accurately calculate the number of green miles drove by their new line of energy-efficient automobiles.

The Ford motor company has been at the pinnacle of innovation in automobiles ever since it was founded by Henry Ford in 1896. The company a few weeks ago launched its new Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle pilot project and announced yesterday that the company would also be expanding the project to Cologne in Germany.

The American Automobile giant wants to analyze and study the benefits of these energy-efficient vehicles for the environment in the long run and would like to monitor their on-road data to check progress. The pilot program which is already conducting tests on the streets of London and Valencia includes nine of these Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles which will be tested in a variety of real-world cases.

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The company will record the metadata of these vehicles on a blockchain network which would be utilized for more optimized environmental solutions by the automobile company. The Director of Ford Motors for Europe Mark Harvey said:

Ford is committed to delivering new, more environmentally sustainable vehicles that can help address the mobility challenges our cities face. […] The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle trials with our partners in the City of Cologne build upon our ongoing electrification programs elsewhere in Europe, and bring us all closer to meeting our combined urban air quality goals

The company has been trying hard to achieve the European standards for their new cars. Throughout Europe, cities are now introducing low-emission zones that would only allow vehicles with low emissions to pass through and charge petrol-based cars.

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They attempt to improve the air quality of the cities that have suffered due to pollution from fossil fuel-based cars. Ford believes that the data on a blockchain network would make it easily accessible and the cities would be able to monitor these zones more effectively. Chairman of Ford-Werke GmbH Gunnar Herrman said:

The blockchain technology we are testing here in Cologne enables secure, tamper-proof tracking and logging of vehicle emissions records, which makes it ideal for the PHEV pilot. Security, trust and transparency of emissions data are of paramount importance to all stakeholders in this project, and are key for our vision of cleaner air in the city.


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