Grab Your Munchies, Let’s Talk About: Digital Assets and Gaming

Gamers are a big population. Gaming is a beautiful concept. Whatever gamify’s itself, sells. People love to market their movies with corresponding games, McDonald’s loves to send out happy meal tear away games, packs of cereals have them, in short games are life.

It is fun to feel like we have accomplished something, especially if it has a colorful interface, it’s description says it will make you smarter or makes you feel like you own it or that it is your Real Life Performance.

All kinds of games have made normal people and developers turn into multi million companies. But the king of it all is here. The biggest game idea of it all is here.

A teacher once asked each student in my class why do we buy virtual assets such as CryptoKitties or MoshiMonster, the class was relatively speechless. And i thought long and hard about it. And i realized that it is so because these things exist but they are not really real, but the are real only in a virtual way and because they are virtual yet they mean something. That is exactly what i want my boyfriend to be, there but mostly out of sight.

Okay, too much info perhaps. But, #KittiesAreSoulFood.

Well, here is why we need them, they are amazing. But, it just got a whole lot better when blockchain began to allow us artifacts for pets that we could call our own, and they were actually very exclusive and only we would get to have the rare ones. Yes, CryptoKitties one example. But, we need a lot more of those and they are coming soon. There is ain’t no doubt, check this out.

This has always been the case for free play and free to play games.  For example, perhaps the biggest community ever – DOTA, also known as World of Warcraft, is proof that there has been a one-hundred million dollar market for buying digital gold. In its early stages.

To effectively employ the resources within the simulation game people bought dragons to break others upon themselves and what not.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are also having an impact on fantasy sports games, a market that is estimated to be worth more than $7 billion a year.  This is why people can afford to offer free games after all. 

Either businesses make money by advertising or by in-game purchases. Which to be honest are not very difficult at all. But digital assets have always been quite exciting. Only cryptos add value to them and make it more worthy of our time with lesser transaction fee and exchange hassle.

Blockchain based games eliminate the need for gamers to use fiat currency to purchase items directly from game developers.  Esports can now be played in all countries, whether or not they support dollar exchanges for local currencies, all ages, all citizen-ships – whether or not they are bankable, and regardless of their identity. That is the beauty of cryptos and thank Blockchain for it.

This also means my kitty is only my kitty, the code of it is unique and there is no another in the world, just like me. Such assets open up new realms in the game asset and purchase industry, welcome future!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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