“Governments Prefer Money Over Cryptos As Change Inevitably Screws Up More Stuff”, Exclaims Jimmy Song

The bitcoin educator, developer and entrepreneur, Jimmy Song (송재준) takes a shot at the government trends and at the stubbornness that the incumbents display for the cryptos. Song does not plan to bury the hatchet with the official authorities as well as the monetary asset regulating ones as they have neglected cryptos for a long time and in the future does not seem to be doing so either. The pros weigh in favour of the cryptos against the cons while the incumbent authorities measure the cryptos over the flaws that are actually improvements in case we dig them up studying fiats. As 2019, is supposed to be the year, bitcoin reclaims the throne of being the best means of financial transaction, Song requires attention from the governments about accepting bitcoin for what it really is, the monetary juggernaut bearing no flaws whatsoever. Jimmy Song exclaims that the governments usually prefer the fiat money as it is the traditional way and is prone to manipulation which is the sole goal for the official institutions, meanwhile, fooling the public. BlockPublisher, got to discuss the very discourse with Song in order to dig deeper into the talk as to what exactly got him to put a statement like that to which he stated that the years have went by and cryptos are still trying to prove themselves worthy enough, but sadly not enough to attract any positive attention from the governments.

Governments need money as it cannot bring immediate change but hate cryptos as cryptos have the power to bring the inevitable change which for the governments screw most of the stuff. For them, money is best when it does not change much. Governments want centralization like altcoins but unlike bitcoin, which is based over decentralization.

Jimmy Song holds respect for bitcoin but regards that the altcoins are a mere rip offs of bitcoin and that they internally operate under the centrallization bearing an overlooking entity unlike bitcoin. They paint themselves with the new features that lure a user in but all they do is manipulate data which in the era we live, is the most useful thing.

Jimmy Song also has some words over Blockchain while he mentions money again. He regards that money is beneficial only when it does not change as it is not supposed to bring some radical change that can cause altercations in a positive way, to disrupt the forsaken trends.

Money is best when it doesn’t change much. Startup tech is best when it iterates a lot. Altcoins are money that iterates a lot. Blockchains are startup tech that doesn’t iterate.

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