Gossip Sesh: Social Media Giants Are In Bed With Ethereum and Bitcoin

We are back with yet another scoop for the ones who love cryptos. This is some big, bold and serious shit. Gear up and grab your snack because it is Time for GOSSIP! (Not calling it Gossip o’clock this time, because of, well, internet trolls).

We all love social media. Well, some of us who like to be different hate it. Or for whatever reasons that are reasonable to them, letting them be.

Social media is hard to resist. Well, it does get toxic every once in a while like that bad boyfriend or like our very favorite YOU characters, God damn Netflix shows are killin’ it, (puns, puns, puns). Social media trends are a big fancy trend in the world of influencers, bloggers, Kardashians, and the internet addicted. Turns out that social media trouble is serious trouble, thanks to Hassan Minhaj’s Patriot act episode on the hate incitement of Extremists on Facebook. Also, social media is quickly becoming one of the biggest time drainers, well that it always has been, remember spending two hours on the Facebook Newsfeed and looking at the time thinking WHHHAAA? Or going through the Twitter TL and two hours later thinking, oh okay, that explains the neck sprain and the back jolts.

It has always been like this, never productive, never super creative, only like a mediocre drug that you keep taking thinking you never understand why you take it, you don’t even like it. You like it because it is a genius work made even the hell more genius than what it was originally meant to be over time by people like you and us and the likes of us who are a little too crazy and that has developed communities that are so huge that the social media has become capable of threatening absolutely anyone and anyplace.

Countries, dictators, thinkers, brands and people, all loathe it, and yet they need it. It makes a tone of money off of their fears and their safety needs. This power of social media through addictive posts, amazing monetization, and rewards like likes and expressions, is only getting tougher to beat with bitcoin and ethereum in its pocket.

There has been speculation that Facebook may be considering building a native cryptocurrency wallet, which could be used to pay for items purchased on its online marketplace. This means that the social media giant through itself, Whatsapp, Instagram and so much of other stuff will use every inch of the blockchain and crypto goodness to further its raunchy needs to be the best.

Khunsha Javed

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