Google To Integrate Crypto Related Search Tools To Make Crypto Searches Easier

Google has never been one to have a laid back approach when it comes to giving us the best and latest in technology and that too before it’s competitors. With blockchain tech and cryptos becoming a must have in almost every sector, Google identified that there was a need to fine tune the way we search for crypto related queries online.

That’s why Google has decided to develop and integrate crypto tools within it’s structure. Crypto fans should rejoice because soon, not only searching for cryptos but also converting different ones and finding out their relative worth will be done in seconds due to Google’s tools.

Although Google is only working on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin plus some other popular ones ion the market, this might soon extend to all our favourite tokens in the future and that is worth the wait!

It can be said that with the fast growing switch many companies are making to a crypto of their choice, or at adding it on along with fiat currencies, Google might be a little behind the game already. However, with improved tools such as these, crypto users will finally get the services and recognition they deserve!

This move by Google was also backed by the sheer number of worldwide searches on everything crypto which the search engine has been collecting and integrating data not only from it’s own database but from valuable intel from the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

Although the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies is already pretty public, with whitepapers and smart contracts up for the average user, with data like this, companies will be able to sync blockchains and Google devices and allow for even greater dissemination of information. It’s all about enhancing user experience and Google is committed to doing just that.

The biggest hindrance to greater adoption might just be the lack of technical expertise that the average user has about the cryptoverse and with these refined search engine tools, when a user searches for a crypto of their choice, they will also get more information which might allow them to broaden their horizons. Google is also in the process of adding a new crypto bar that will enable this but it is currently in beta mode.


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