Google Finally Added A Bitcoin Symbol To It’s Keyboard And People Are Loving It

Google has officially added an all new symbol to it’s iOs and Android keyboards, the Bitcoin symbol! And we cannot believe it!

A Twitter user, @jpthor_ sparked a discussion when he discovered that upon long pressing the dollar symbol, users could access the ₿ symbol for the infamous cryptocurrency. Now, we know for sure that the cryptoverse isn’t all hype and this is definitely a step in the right direction!


The world is progressing and advancing faster than ever and blockchain technology and crypto giants have played a major role in the speeding up of this growth. That’s why it is no surprise that Google made the decision to include the Bitcoin symbol into it’s own keyboard. Since more and more people all over the world are adopting cryptos as their main method of transactions and investing heavily in crypto ventures, it makes sense for the symbol to be readily accessible and available for use.

This inclusion also means that despite market fluctuations and the spread of FUD, the tech giant still sees cryptos like Bitcoin hanging around for the long run!

Apple first introduced the symbol with its new iOS 12e version update but now is also availe on Google keyboards. But not all android users can view the symbol just yet!

Some users thought it was just a misunderstanding;


However, others were there to set the record straight. The Bitcoin symbol on Google is OFFICIAL!

Android users were aching to get the update themselves;

While the lucky few who had the update were ecstatic!

Stay tuned to this space for more Bitcoin related updates!


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