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GoChain’s Community Manager Shares His Thoughts About Cryptos

Out of a plethora of crypto-based projects that are floating around in the crypto space, BlockPublisher got in touch with the community manager of GoChain, Joe, to get a more vivid perspective about this particular project. What makes GoChain different than the rest?

GoChain is essentially a standalone blockchain itself and has been code-forked from Ethereum. Compatibility with all the tools and dApps running on the Ethereum network is provided by the platform. It employs a unique Proof-of-Reputation algorithm at its core, instead of the most commonly present Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) ones.

GoChain has hired AmaZix to continue on with its community management operations. Joe is a part of the GoChain’s community management team.

Answering the question of how much GoChain values its community’s opinion in deciding the future direction of the project, Joe stated:

I guess the right amount. The team got their plans pretty much covered already. But if a community member expresses his interest and he’s backed by others, the team is likely to listen to them. They often come and interact with the community in the group, there simply isn’t the need of having the community deciding the direction right now.

Community plays an essential role in the growth of any project that involves actual real-life users. Projects who listen to and value the opinions of their users are more likely to succeed than others. GoChain seems to be the kind of project which puts just the right amount of emphasis on the demands raised by its community.

Further talking about his own personal opinion regarding the future of cryptos and its chances of replacing fiat, Joe stated:

I believe stable-coins will allow a whole new economy in the future but it is unlikely that fiat will be eradicated, same goes for cryptos imho [in my honest opinion].

Both fiat and cryptos now have their roots embedded in the current financial framework. It is highly unlikely that one will completely eradicate the presence of the other, as implied by Joe. According to some experts, mixed outcomes are more likely to prevail in the future. As developments are being made day in and day out, it will be interesting to see how things turn out for the crypto market.

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