Get Rich In Ethereum This New Year’s Eve

Bounties, Need For Speed Styled!

Ethereum bounties can be found on super intelligent and dedicated platforms like Bounty0x. These can also be found in the “Bounties” section of the Bitcointalk forum, once you pick a start more and more platforms open up to you and it simply does not end. The sweet thing is that there are no barriers of entry for participating, which makes it an easypeasy captain cheesy option to make money with Ethereum.

Airdrops, Catch ‘Em All!

Airdrops are basically free coins that are sent to your wallet by projects that want to build a community. No decentralized city or town would be complete without people like you and me after all. Similarly, no game would be fun unless influencers that have a real say in the gaming universe do something about it.

So sign up for these and you will notice that often these coins are sent to your wallet without you having to do anything. However, in order to find the craziest airdrops, you will have to do some research and participate manually. Airdrop Alert can help you with it.

Mine Like You Mean It

99bitcoins has built an Ether mining profitability calculator. Before anyone gets their hands on equipment they must check if they are getting in to the right thing. The “venture” of yours should be worth your time and money, no?. Also, being able to gauge if the money is good or not is great too!

Invest Like You Are Master Richie

In 2016 alone, Ether increased in value by nearly 1.200%, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. With all the games that are propping up on the network and the growing awe about the scalability debate we feel that ethereum is one of the good investment opportunities, if you understand risk management and what it means to you.

Play With The Bots

You can also play around with crypto trading bots. These help build your stake in the network while you are away, blockchain is trying to build ways in which bots do the jobs for people, like employees did for organisations. This can change things for a lot of us globally, but well, it is still under construction.

Freelance Like You Are From Silicon Valley

Blockgeeks.com helps people learn from it and enables them to help in coding, making and building new ideas and programs that are run on blockchain, you can make a ton of money but once you have at least 2 years of experience.

Once you feel confident enough to start selling your services as a blockchain developer, you have many platforms to choose from. The biggest of all is definitely UpWork, you can find many clients looking for people like you to complete their project.  There is Freelancer.com, jobs.ethercasts.com and moneo.io, all platforms are targeted at the upper end of the market.

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