Get a Chance to Win 500 CMTs Through CyberMiles’ Bounty Program

CyberMiles has recently launched a bounty program as a token of appreciation for the community. CyberMiles is approaching it’s first year anniversary, so, to celebrate and thank the community members for their continuous support throughout the journey. To achieve this, they have decided to give away CMT tokens in four stages, from thanksgiving to Christmas.

They recently posted this announcement on twitter,

The four rounds would span from thanksgiving to Christmas. Not a community member of CyberMiles? Guess it’s not too late yet. The good news is that the first round has already commenced. The check list which they require a person to fill for the bounty program round 1 also relates to the essence of thanksgiving.

A person simply has to express his appreciation for a particular person with a message, and at the end of the message (On twitter) the person simply has to tag the person they want to thank, tag CyberMiles’ twitter page, end the tweet with a hashtag ‘#1YearAnniversary’ and fill a form. It’s that easy!

The tagged person would be eligible to win 500 CMTs. Team CyberMiles would be selecting 20 winners at random. Analyzing the bounty scheme, it can be easily seen that apart from thanking the community members, this can also be a great opportunity for CyberMiles for advertising their token and their blockchain, to improve their token’s adoption, and blockchain’s adoption in general at this hour, when the crypto space is doomed.

The round one’s dates according to the CyberMiles’ blog are November 22nd to 29th, after which the other rounds would take place. The link to the form (to be filled once) can be found out here.

Shehryar Hasan

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