Generation Z Has Supreme Love For Blockchain Societies!

Ah! Freshmen year! When you’re looking  to make new friends that share your passion for life!

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The best way to find friends would be to join a society at your university. There are so many societies and it can get confusing as hell. But, it might not be confusing at all if you’re a crypto-enthusiast! Since,there is a new society in town! The blockchain society. Apparently, it has become super popular in UK universities. The blockchain society offers allegiances with some of the cutting-edge technology firms for a talk and apprenticeships. The blockchain societies have even more cool ideas rolled up their sleeves for the members. You’ll have to join a society to know what you’re in for!

Obviously, all of this does not come as a shocker. It was going to happen one day or the other. Blockchain is hip! It’s trendy and its popularity is growing day by day amoung the techy- students.

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Generation Z is taking a rather particular interest in this technology. Why shouldn’t they? They recognize the potential this technology holds and they can’t wait to get their hands in the blockchain-world as an extracurricular.

Based on research, one in four of UK’s top universities has their very own blockchain club for its students. It doesn’t matter why you want to join the club. The club is open for all! Whether a Generation Z student is joining to gain knowledge and skills for future purposes or just want to explore the financial benefits of using blockchain technology. Everyone is invited and equal in the club!

The Top Notch Universities

The blockchain society or club. You can call it whatever! Some of the top universities have the blockchain society. We are talking about the big names here. Cambridge, Leeds, Oxford, Aberdeen and Bristol. Yes, they have their own blockchain societies. This just means blockchain is real than ever! It’s being recognized and it’s not going places despite what all the haters said.

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The interest of these educational organizations sparked up in 2017. Probably when crypto was bus becoming more popular than ever, Bitcoin was reaching its dizzy heights and the interest of the students was growing more and more.

The blockchain’s promise for the next big economic revolution is still in its infancy stages. The students have more faith in this technology and are rather quite forward thinking. The Gen Z is incredibly quick to adapt to new situations and technology. It’s no surprise the trend of blockchain societies is growing at the speed of lightning.


Societies have always been a little on the fringe in universities. There are quite a few other new societies too. The Harry Potter society, Doctor Who society and Beer society are one of them. There is even a society dedicated to Beyonce’s music. Yeap, these societies exist for real.

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Just like all these societies, the blockchain society exists side by side . However, the blockchain society is much more serious than that. The students are truly interested in the technology because of its rapid growth. The Gen Z is a generation who have their skepticism’s about the traditional financial institutions. They rather have a desire to look for career paths that are out of the box and not in the traditional sectors. The blockchain world is the perfect world for them. It’s new and its nontraditional as hell!

Who knows the next big idea in the blockchain world could come from the Gen Z students?

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