GBX Digital Asset Exchange (DAX) Integrates Trading Options For Bluzelle Tokens (BLZ)

Bluzelle has recently announced that it will be listing on the GBX Digital Asset Exchange (DAX). Bluzelle is a Vancouver-based blockchain platform that allows users to have complete ownership of their data as well as monetize it. Only this year did Bluzelle complete its ICO which amounted to a whopping 19.5 million. Bluzelle hosts a secure and decentralized database for all the DApp developers. Getting enlisted on DAX has been a very fortunate advance for the Bluzelle. The trading will be live on Monday, Oct 15 08:00:00 UTC (SGT 4PM).

Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle stressed upon how Bluzelle’s inclusion on GBX for trade has created multiple benefits in the decentralized ecosystem. GBX’s foremost audience being the Europeans, brings exposure for an entirely new market. Additionally, the option of trading crypto for the fiat currencies can make trading effortless and flawless for the relatively new investors and buyers.

This feature of GBX DAX favoring the trade of crypto for fiat currencies is one of the capabilities that can help the newcomers get acclimatized to buying the digital coins. However, DAX’s portfolio is not limited to the trade of Bluzelle tokens, it also dispenses its services to the entire globe enabling them to trade some of the high valued tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Nick Cowan, CEO of Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group said,

Bluzelle is a project that has always been laser focused on delivering its decentralized database product. It is like the glue that holds together the ecosystem. Amidst all the noise and speculation in the market, I am very impressed with how the team has always been working on pioneering technology and delivering its roadmap.

With GBX’s aim to be amongst the leading global cryptocurrency exchange platforms, it is rapidly developing and extending its services, incorporating more trading options. By this recent inclusion of Bluzelle token, GBX hopes that it will continue advancing in the forward direction bestowing confidence, trust, credibility and liquidity to all its users.

The official blog post made by Bluzelle regarding this can be found here.

Hassaan Malik

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