Game is Life For Cryptos


Games are actually becoming the number one way for companies to build reward schemes and plan through simulation what is good and what is better. Companies also test products through games. Whatever is in the reach of the customers hands is then easily monitor-able and turned into data. Data has helped more than anything else in evolution of minds. Now virtual money is up next.

And the game changing game industry is the one to partially be responsible.

Let’s face it, when we first heard of the term Bitcoin it was through a game not through some financial scheme to make money.

Gamers love money. They built networks that converted real money into game money and then bought game assets and Candy Crush Lives, and FarmVille land extensions and Sim Outfits with it.

Well, it is this wild and excited, forever young gamers’ community that is helping in validating a mass need for cryptos. Games have used fiat currency for the longest time. Yes we have spent way too many tax paying dollars onto our stress relieving games with the infinity amount of levels.

However, using USD to purchase gaming items is not a very viable or even at some places possible option for gamers. People often use the peer invite alternative to win free bunnies, extra gold coins or whatever may be the currency of the game. Free-to-play games are actually secretly very expensive to play games. This is why gaming companies keep multiplying and their worth keeps maximizing despite the so called free installs. They are scams to make money and loot, of course they are free to download.

However, to convert Dollars into virtual funds is actually a long ploy. Let’s face it we can not quit these games. They may make billions in revenue to make them but at least they are making them, so here is the solution. Cryptos. Because, this way you do not waste money in transactions, your funds or credit card is not at risk of theft or hacking. This is safe and this is better.

Not to forget that this is more satisfying than using dollars. Once the process of getting cryptos is very self-pleasing and uplifting, it gives us those future chills that ease us and tell us that we are in for fun. Secondly, the way these Bitcoin accepting companies operate and market themselves adds value to our brains and it tells us while usage that this is for some reason a superior life choice than using fiat or bank money.

So, in this truly multi dimensional and overly well crafted case gamers are being helped by cryptos and cryptos are being validated by gamers. Win-Win for all.  This is the kind of sh*t that will change this world and trigger a massive and highly desirable reward for us all. And that is what will result in mass adoption like the makers of it only dream of in the status quo. Cheers all!

May your game be productive and battery remain full throughout today!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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