“FunFair is Currently the Only Protocol and Platform of its Kind That is Live”, Says FunFair’s Founder Jez San Obe

FunFair is a crypto project that aims to revolutionize the way online casino gaming takes place through the usage of the nascent blockchain technology. As of now, there are 2000+ crypto projects floating around on CoinMarketCap. In order to find out the difference of FunFair from its competitors, BlockPublisher got in touch with Jez San Obe, the founder of FunFair technologies.

Explaining FunFair’s difference from its competitors, Jez stated:

FunFair is currently the only protocol and platform of its kind that is live. Others are claiming to head in this direction but they’re probably years away. What we built is the first of its kind, and it was pretty complex tech to get right, which explains why, after years of talking about state channels, FunFair’s are today one of the only ones that are live. Our skill is not only on the technology front, but we have decades of games building experience which has allowed us to build the first catalogue of commercial quality games that are compelling and a necessary requirement of any new casino. FunFair execs are from the computer games, casino gaming and technology industries. We have the right skillset that few others possess to build something like this. And with our ICO in 2017, we also have the funding.

Jez pointed out that currently, FunFair is the only platform of its kind that is leading the arena. Jez also suggested that FunFair has an advantage in the form of experience. Besides having the technological expertise, the FunFair team is also skilled in game building. The upper body of FunFair is from the sectors of computer gaming, casino gaming, and technology which makes it just the perfect blend for the platform.

Further adding on to his statements, Jez stated:

FunFair is currently 50 people, based in two offices, in London and Dublin. With a Curacao license already granted and in use by the first casino operator, and other licenses being applied for. Being able to receive a gaming license from a tier 1 jurisdiction isn’t trivial and a few blockchain companies will be surprised at the difficulty and complexity involved as well as the paperwork. There’s a lot of regulation as well as auditing of code and data involved, and FunFair devs and execs have done this before in several tier 1 jurisdictions over the last decade. It shouldn’t be underestimated how hard it is to win a tier 1 gaming license, especially with the added complexity of blockchain and smart contract technology.

FunFair has also earned its tier 1 gaming license which requires a lot of auditing and complex paper. FunFair seems to be just on the right track as of now. It is applying decentralization in the niche of online casino gaming, making it one interesting project to look out for in the long run.

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