Freedom Is Not An Illusion, Thankyou Blockchain!

Okay if you have heard the standard crap any geography textbook offers then you and i are going to have a tiny tad bit of a problem right here.

We could agree to disagree but you know better not to. 

So, promise me you are here to stay, stay until your coffee lasts and read my head out. It will not be too long before you understand it all and the world makes sense to you again. (Only this time you will actually know the real story.)

Globalization was a social project, a schematic and systematic careful placement of resources and policies in a manner that would help further the cause of global trade and manipulation of ideas to pave the way for world domination of some countries over the rest.

We are told different variations of this hard line truth everyday. Under the blankets of propaganda, public opinion, TV network biases and what not.

You would have heard the concept of time-space convergence over and over again. It has shrunk the world, made it a smaller place. We do not need camels anymore, this means cheaper trade and more trade than ever before. This means more revenues, more sales, more profits and more power.

But, what if the idea of globalization is tousled in a way that flips the power politics. That flips the seller and the buyer relationship.

The next step and the real step in the world of globalization is here. It is changing the world for good. For the better. This idea is the key to mending this broken, scattered world of cryptos.

What it entails is simple, it will allow your geography lessons to actually have some truth to them.

The news we here makes us feel like we live on different planets. Fox News tells us a different story, Russia Tv tells another. It is like you and i are living on different planets altogether.

But, Blockchain can help the world smooth out and to make it a more egalitarian place.

It can do this by making ensuring that all banks, businesses, start-ups, Ebay’s, Amazon’s and health programs are decentralised.

They need to be accessible by those in need. They need to be egalitarian. They need to be as free of the biases of power and structures in the 21st century as possible. (Yes, it can be done)

Freedom is not an illusion. Cryptocurrency and the power it brings is the number one proof of the possibility of it for those who could have never thought of it.

Yes, we are hinting towards the problem of unbankability once again! Shoot us! Not your your problem, but yes, your problem. It is that piece of the puzzle that you look for and you have hit complete! The rest will fall in place with all the detangling. Yes, that is how closely knit our broken world is.

Yes, it is possible. Yes, it can happen. The only problem is that it will if the resources and the motives that employ this tech are used rightly and creatively enough.

The world is on the onset to growth and evolution like never before. Tomorrow is here. Nuff Said!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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