Freedom From Big Brother’s Creepy Eye Is Here!

Are you sick of being surveilled on the internet? But, do you still click ‘i accept’ every time because ain’t nobody got time for that shit? Oh hell yes, that is a global phenomenon, it is a global issue and life is not getting any better because of it.

If you absolutely hate the Big Brother and you do not want Whatsapp to use your mic and let Facebook decipher what you like to eat and think and talk about through the phones Microphone, or show you targeted adverts for it, then hey, you can quit using these very necessary apps.

The App companies make shit tons of dollars each year for the data they sell and for the money they make on the data while it is still questionable if they can do so through a legit right based system. It is not like Facebook or any listening app ‘owns the right to use your conversations’, the ones that you have with your mother in her house or friends in a pub, face to face conversations getting monitored is just plain pathetic.

Like every other domain, blockchain tech is changing how we do things and live basically.

Interbit created its own blockchain network from absolute scratch. This is owned by BTL Group. The Interbit blockchain has only been live for a very little time. It features a fascinating multi-chain architecture allowing you to segregate data in different Interbit chains, however not other blockchain networks, and the company has filed a patent to share state between chains.

The code is also written in pure JavaScript on the front end and Node.js on the backend, meaning the same code can run in a browser and actually turn that browser into a blockchain node, something like Metamask for Ethereum.

Interbit has its own Starting Block accelerator as well to encourage developers to build decentralized apps (DApps) on its scalable blockchain infrastructure. The goal hear is to decentralize and free people from the interruption of the gigantic big companies that have gone crazy.

Sicne decentralization is all about freeing of the grip of those unwanted, banks and their highly problematic loan schemes are another issue blockchain is targeting itself at.

The remedy found for it is something that SALT Lending is working on. It is a membership-based borrowing platform for blockchain-backed loans. SALT holds your crypto assets and pays out different fiat currencies, using KYC and AML screening and compliance measures. It’s a way to collateralize blockchain assets, manage repayments, and monitor activity without actually having to sell those coins you’d rather HODL onto.

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