Fortnite Accepting Monero is an ‘Exciting News’, says Monero Community Member

Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games. It has been attracting the interests of so many that, by now, more than 125 million people are inclined to this game. A few days back, the world came to know that Fortnite started accepting Monero. Retail Row, the merchandise store for the game, allowed cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. Besides credit cards and PayPal, the store now supports Monero (XMR).

As Monero is the only cryptocurrency accepted by the store, BlockPublisher approached a Monero community member, Diego Salazar, to get his take on the latest developments. Upon asking Diego to share some thoughts on this, he replied:

I think that this is very exciting news. It points to the fact that as time moves on, businesses will see the merit in adding alternative payment options that are both privacy respecting and respect financial sovereignty.

While continuing giving thoughts on Monero accepted as the only cryptocurrency and the possible prospects opened from this news, he further added:

I don’t play games much myself, but I do know that this game is very popular, and a lot of people use it. And if seeing the logo gets even a few people to look further into it, discover Monero, and ask difficult questions about their privacy, then it will have been successful.

Up till now, Monero is the only cryptocurrency selected by Fortnite but, in the future, we may see that some other cryptocurrency joins Monero. It is suggested that Lightning Network (LN) is probable to be opted by Fornite so, in the future, we will see that exactly what cryptocurrency makes to the Fornite besides Monero.


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