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Former Morgan Stanley Capital Markets Chief Joins Polybird Exchange As Advisor

Former capital markets chief at Morgan Stanley and management committee member Raj Dhanda will join Polybird Exchange as advisor, the group have announced. Polybird is a blockchain based tokenized assets exchange startup which enables the issuance of digital tokens to raise equity and debt capital and then allow trading of tokens. It is a global marketplace for tokenized assets which features listing of existing digital assets on the platform such as equities, bonds, commodities and commercial real estate.

Mr. Dhanda, currently the CEO of a real estate-focused private equity, the Black Creek Group and was most recently the its President. He joins Polybird amid continued potential and interest in the blockchain market. Asset tokenization is one of most popular use cases of blockchain technology and is set to revolutionize financial markets. It is the creation of a digital representation of assets and securities and enables them to be traded and managed on a blockchain. Mr. Dhanda shared his recognition for the growing potential and the role of Polybird in the space in his comments that were shared to BlockPublisher. He said:

I see a strong promise in Blockchain-based asset tokenization. It will have a profound impact on global capital markets. Polybird is a very ambitious startup and it is pursuing what’s the next logical step in the evolution of financial markets.

CEO Polybird, Mr. Harish Gupta welcomed the induction of an experienced individual at the core of Polybird, which aims to set off from Mr. Dhanda’s involvement and experience as advisor. Mr. Gupta shared his thoughts as:

Mr Dhanda has a very strong macro perspective and a robust big-picture of global capital markets. Mr Dhanda’s addition to our board helps us bring a very strong institutional perspective across asset classes and more specifically in global fixed income, where Mr Dhanda spent a significant time.

Polybird is a growing name in the tokenization space and certainly carries huge potential in the market. It aids financial institutions and companies globally and the issuance of billions of dollars of bonds on blockchain. These bonds were estimated to exceed $10 billion in 2018 and it is only expected to continue and grow. In this retrospect, Polybird helps digitize and automate the entire asset life-cycle. Similar trends are being noted in other asset classes such as equities, commodities, currencies, and real estate. The digital representations of ownership are carried out in the form of tokens and coins which are highly programmable and multiple capital market functions can be automated, or simply eliminated when codified.

These assets can then be transferred without the need of third parties or multiple ledgers. This enables better transparency and real-time execution of many operational tasks. Polybird Exchange startup is set to benefit leaps and bounds under the advisory role of Mr. Dhanda as the tokenization outset is set to expand across global financial structures.

Razi Khan

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