The Scope of Your Business Depends on Global Sanity

This article is a no brainer.

Meaning, if you don’t already see things this way, then you do not have a brain. 

No thinker will tell you this because it is so simple. But, because it is simple: you are not bothered enough to fix it. You are stuck mindlessly and you are not fixing this little glitch in your head. This is keeping you away from key decisions and better odds at success.

So, would you solve a small problem, or would you suffer and let your business ideas suffer too?

The answer seems pretty simple right? By the end of this read you will find yourself thinking ‘funny you never thought of it.’Or something like ‘Duh, i knew it’.


This is what we are here for. We shake you consciousness up in a manner that all your crypto related issues resolve in that fancy head of yours without any procrastination or anxiety.

Some think that cryptocurrency is the mode of payment for the future. Some think that the only thing it can get out of this world is what it is already getting. You help cryptos understand their scope with a world like ours?

On one side we have a world that is crying poverty, hunger and wastage. It knows the solutions to its food problems. And there is not one, there are gazillions. Provided by various scientists, economists and thinkers. But, is it doing any thing about it? Is the problem is being handled, at all? No.

This world is simply to big to handle it self, to handle its allocation of resources and it still all it needs is better resource allocation. It is the remedy to cure wars, politics, murder counts, organised crime, national and international disputes and infant mortality rates.

Optimization is what it needs.

Optimization is what you need.

And yet, you and i here, still talking about it and procrastinating the sh*t out of it. This is life. One life. And we are wasting it around here baby. The thing is that we’ve got 99 problems. And more than half of them can be handled, by one solution, tech or the other. Nobody is believing the right word.

Rather people are on with the status quo as if it is great. Nobody is trusting the experts. Because, distrust is our favorite past time. 

Nobody is doing nothing about financial, economic and social issues, while possibly blockchain and cryptos are the down right answer for it. Nobody is because people are scared of the first step. They are scared of initiative.

This is why the society is suffering nonstop and its wilting meanwhile.

We need to adopt cryptos, no questions asked.

You need to welcome it. Do you like the ring of it? Do you want your startup to flourish at a crazy speed? Then perform at the best possible rate. Let people know you use cryptos. Make a deal out of it. Flaunt it. Be proud and you can make it happen, for the world and for yourself!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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