FlipNpik- Social Media and Stellar Blockchain Unite to Boost Local Businesses

FlipNpik, owned by FlipTech, will soon become the first collaborative social media platform the world has ever seen. The application will offer local businesses the chance to be more visible and popular through the platform. Using the Stellar blockchain technology to benefit all collaborators on the platform, the application will be an attempt to improve the local economy by attracting users to contribute to businesses that are nearer to them and suited to their interests.

Main Features

Available on both iOS and Android, the application offers some notable features to users and businesses that are distinct in essence but beneficial for both.

For Users
  • A detailed array of local spots according to the users’ interests and geological location. Exploring new businesses as well as keeping track of information from already chosen ones is easier through the app.
  • A news feed that is personalized and fits the user’s needs. Similar to most social media apps, the app will suggest places friends have visited or liked.
  • A user profile, displaying customized content.
  • Exclusive deals, promotions and offers.
  • An online marketplace for purchasing items.
  • Built in games that enhance user experience.
  • VR/AR experience for selected businesses’ shops tours.
For Businesses
  • Create and manage business profiles and content to be displayed to users through the app’s directory.
  • Implement preferred marketing strategies, such as promotions and exclusive deals.
  • Visibility and promotion of businesses throughout the user experience including ads, promotions and even whilst playing games.
  • FlipNpik’s ‘market place’ to display star products to highlight the business on the platform. This feature can attract a multitude of consumers.
  • A clear and accurate data analysis of sales as well as suggestions on how to improve performance.
  • Plan and schedule posts to be displayed on the page.
  • Businesses can search for service providers to help them run the business by creating quality content.
  • Give AR/VR shopping experience to subscribers.

The FlipNpik Ecosystem

FlipNpik believes local businesses require vital technological help, like the blockchain tech, to boost their digital footprints in the community, expand their customer base, and retain loyal consumers too. Unlike social media titans including Facebook and Instagram that reside on a centralized base and are monetizing their users to benefit shareholders, FlipNpik will stand out to be a solution for both users and shareholders, and for the first time, will implement shared value creation between businesses and consumers. Local businesses cannot keep up on platforms that are too mainstream and require ingenious expertise and budgets. FlipNpik proposes help for the matter in the form of the FlipNpik Ecosystem.

The Ecosystem maintains an impartial ground between all collaborators in a manner that is decentralized and equitable. The process starts from businesses uploading content to their pages for users to look at. Users will tune their feeds to match the businesses they prefer to subscribe to. Then, by liking, sharing, or promoting businesses, users will automatically improve the visibility for businesses. If the user is interested in becoming a permanent client or an ambassador for the brand, the platform will connect the user to the merchant. On a side note, new businesses that do not yet have a consumer base, now have the opportunity to be visible through users. This paves way for users to receive rewards for positively contributing towards the platform. The Flip Social (FS) and FlipNpik Token (FNP) are two ways of doing just that.

Flip Social (FS) and FlipNpik Token (FNP)

The Flip Social is a reward system that intends to retain users by providing incentives. Despite being exclusive from the blockchain tech that FlipNpik will be using, users may use their FS to play/unlock games, get exclusive discounts and convert it into the FlipNpik token (FNP). Furthermore, obtaining FS is as easy as using it. By being socially active on the application, inviting friends to use the application and enhancing visibility to businesses, users may be able to earn FS.

In contrast, FlipNpik’s very own utility token, FNP, is based on the Stellar platform. It will allow users to purchase goods and services limited to the platform. Some premium features offered by businesses can only be bought through FNP tokens and each time a transaction involving the cryptocurrency takes place, the user is rewarded with Flip Social. The easiest way to get FNP tokens is through their on-going token pre-sale which will end on the 31st of August. Users may also indulge in the main sale, from the 1st of September.

The token is built around the Stellar blockchain, whose pros outweigh its cons. Stellar enables transaction charges to be lower than usual. Any transaction made will be recorded on the blockchain, which can be viewed and traced back to the user and the business(es) involved, ensuring maximum transparency. Also, a larger number of transactions can be catered by Stellar.

To be an Ambassador for a business, users/clients must deposit a refundable amount of 500 FNP to the businesses. Additionally, ambassadors must be active on the platform to promote the business to receive 20% of the budget.

What’s Next?

Their upcoming ICO is expected to raise the platform to an unprecedented level. In their whitepaper, FlipNpik has illustrated the allocation of their ICO funds.

The platform has set POS integration for merchants as their next goal, alongside penetrating markets in both Asia and Europe. As for next year, the platform will focus on glamorizing user experience by introducing features like augmented reality and big data analytics to provide insights on consumerism.

Founder and CEO of FlipNpik worldwide, Henri Harland, recently spoke in an interview about their latest partnerships and collaborations. According to him:

As of today, we have signed three major partnerships with Vexanium, iFashion group and Atayen, the makers of the well-known iFrames Apps, and we are targeting over 1M users and 500K merchants on the FlipNpik app. You can already discover and post for local businesses in Geneva, Montreal, Paris, London, Singapore, Seoul, Dublin, and China.

If they’re lucky enough, some local economies of the world may be in for a surprise. Potential entrepreneurs, this is your chance to make a move!

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