First Fully Transparent Casino? Is That Even A Thing?

Gambling is not fun when you doubt that it might not be a fair game. Nobody plays to lose, especially not money. Crypto casinos understand it and thus, they work their magic in the department where trust is the big scary factor. They give people what they want, in a legal, logical and accessible manner. They make the concept a pro-universe one. Anybody plays, the best ones win. No lies, no deceit, no dirty ploys, no secret spiking of drinks, no game rigging, no high house edges.

Only pure wining.

The low house edge has made gambling fairer than ever, this is true for a great big deal of casinos associated with bitcoin and ethereum. Of course your ordinary casino needs to change its carpets, make its interior look like it is from The Great Gatsby, Buy big slot machines, get the lighting going, serve expensive liquor for guests with a taste for something special and who are likely to get wayyy too lose after a few special drinks, hire a lost of staff, waitresses and some to even give it that jazz Gentleman’s club vibe.

This takes money and add to the house costs, if the costs were high and the casino was as fair and as honest as the Bitcoin and Ethereum ones, then who would pay their bills? The crypto powered ones would not be as rewarding as well. But, the game is different when it is digital, blockchain based intelligently designed.

Edgeless claims to be the first fully transparent Ethereum based casino, and we are not surprised. Seeing all that cryptos have decentralised, casinos are not only the strangest or the impossible-st thing we can think of.

The bets are higher when we are wining so are the rushes that the game gives us, the rushes are all we care about and there is no shame in saying i love to gamble when i know i win most days. Edgeless understands this. It is smart contract powered and ain’t nobody got around to lie with that sh*t.

We have all heard of the provably fair casinos that make online gambling true, and fair, that tell you that hey the game is not fixed in the favor of the house, the casino is not a joke and the slots are not rigged. The element of respect makes most casinos amazing, in our physical world and more importantly in our online, digital, gambling world.

It is more than a Bitcoin or crypto paying casino, it is based on blockchain. Meaning, the cryptocurrency is not just a payment mode, but the trust machine called the blockchain tech powers it. Making it genuinely the first most truly transparent one out there!

Khunsha Javed

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