Finally A Cryptocurrency You Can Bet On!

It’s a well known fact that cryptocurrencies and new ventures that offer users the ability to bet and roll for free tokens as an incentive to get on board the platform are an instant success. Whether it’s the thrill of the game or the inherent ease of earning for some, humans have been fascinated by gambling for centuries.

Now, a new crypto venture is stepping up to royally flush out it’s competition by not only providing users that extra kick they need but also aims to revolutionize the way crypto entities exist.

Folex claims to be “The Future Of Trading” as it vows to present it’s users by providing a unique crypto distribution model and unlike other crypto-exchanges offers it’s services at low utility token sales. Furthermore, it treats it’s investors with the utmost respect and love as instead of burning out their money, it prefers to engage it’s own capital for all research and development of it’s products.

As per it’s official website, it guarantees that “100% of generated trading fees will be rewarded back to all Shareholders in the form of coins in which volume has been generated.”

According to it’s website, Folex allows users to “Gamble with FLX, Pay half of Fees with FLX, Earn passive income – just multiply your coins and even help Prevent Crime & Money Laundering.” It states that, Folexcoin “is combined with full KYC/AML, for maximum security and also offers a participation of success of the exchange for every tokenholder.”

The website also features a thorough video of the company’s CEO Markus Sczeburek-Ort who lays out the specifications of how the exchange works.

However, one of the most interesting features that the company has to offer is the ability to allow users to engage with it’s currency by playing American Roulette. Now, we know this isnt exactly a unique feature, it has been done before. But, this is in a far more controlled environment, where the bets are not only safe but guaranteed to be fair.

Who knew cryptos could be this fun? This amalgamation of serious decentralized platforms and wholesome gambling entertainment is exactly why blockchain technology is the standard of the future. Users can participate in the betting procedure by engaging with different masternodes and hopefully use it to their advantage.


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