Fiat is A Toxic Money Bubble, Ready to Burst With A Little Help From Bitcoin

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Some of us really don’t like bitcoin. It is funny, obnoxious and stupid of them not to, but on a deeper look, one can understand how deep they have gotten into the sociopolitical traps of fiat. Someone needs to help these people. Because, damn, money is about to die, and before the human race could evolve further and embrace ideological and spiritual changes to more evolved and improved versions of us, that are more compatible with each other, less self-destructive, and less foolish, we will have to make some serious structural changes that have already begun around the globe.
If you don’t know a word or two about cryptos then chances are that you will not understand or like what follows, but the world my friend does not operate on your liking of it, it goes on with or without you.

Are You On The Verge?

We stand at a point in history whereby we are as numb to the oppression of our economic systems as we could have been, this is the tipping point, the verge and this is no more stoicism left in us, beyond this point there is only anarchy and rejection, no this is not some conspiracy based article, we mean it all in a lesser dramatic and more logical sense of it.
Economists and thinkers worldwide are validating the need for a better economic system, the one whereby the banks do not cause financial bubbles and market crashes to prop up, whereby the debt tools are not designed to rule against the people and for the banks, whereby the market system does not crush the poor farmers dream to further the capitalist landowners, the kind where the third world is not impoverished because of their tyrannical rulers or unfortunate histories.

What In The World Is This Paradigm Shift?!

The realization that banks are not a group of institutions but more of cartels that would do anything to extract more money from the people and even the government has been left alone quite long enough. And now that the solution is ahead of our eyes but almost achievable, thinkers are ready to embrace it. But, good things struggle with adoption, because human beings are too greedy and stupid for their own wellness.
However, a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions is settling in. Bitcoin is a move away from the regular that we are used to, and it showed us what could be in a post-2008 world and that is all the evidence we need to move forward. Can’t have another one of those financial and housing market crashes.

Is Bitcoin A Bubble?

The “Tulip Mania” bubble burst because of the fear of missing out so everybody bought them. Yet soo many people are still hesitant with bitcoin, so why should it collapse? There is absolutely no reason for it too, least not yet. Bitcoin is also based on hype. But the hype came after the logical prowess tests that the thinkers and analysts put it through. This means that cryptos or bitcoin is not a bubble, especially because it is based on math and code and not on hype or the awe of people, it has substance to it.

Money is a bubble, the biggest one ever:

We think of everything with a hint of skepticism, but not money. The money we think of off as the simplest and the most natural thing ever, we don’t question it unless we question the problems with capitalism and the pressure we put on the money.

We think money is a tool that every society needs, no we will not deny that it has helped and lubricated the growth on industries, globalization, trade, and human development. But, it could be better and yet it is a lazy old tool that resists change because it likes to dominate and crush dreams in a crude and sick manner.

Money means nothing, in reality, money is a promise that the government gives to the central bank and this promise is based on words and not anything intrinsic, welcome to the world of fiat. Money used to be backed up by gold and precious things, longer ago money used to be gold and other coinage. And way before that money didn’t exist, barter ruled.

Today money is just a promise concealed in ink printed on the note or shown as bank balance or printed and magnetized in a credit card. But, money can mean something again and instead of earning inflation we could be earning real money from not people but, computers, that do all the math that proves that you are not buying empty money, you own value.

Old Tech Stands At An Extinction Level:

We can have the problems of the Unbankable people, we can not let Discrimination rot economic systems anymore, we need debt to be Fair, we need money to be theft-proof and safe from jeopardy of governments that love to freeze assets and be tyrannical and oppressive. We need to be better.

Today is the introductory new phase or a testing period of new technology. The boom of banks based on fiat is usually followed by bust because of the very nature of central banks which is self-preserving and self-righteous. Banks screw their customers for every penny they have and sometimes, that they don’t have, and this can not go on if the world economy is to pull itself out of this self-exhausting and collateral bursting cycle. And that is why we need blockchain based money, which is decentralized and does not allow double spending to induce bubbles. Bitcoin is just useful, super useful, thus, loved and used as an example, it’s sound money with a low and very well known inflation rate.

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