FanBits: Strictly For The Millennials!

The crypto-verse is full of surprises and crypto-collectibles is one of them. It’s a trend that has grabbed the attention of the world. Everyone wants a piece for themselves!

What Are Crypto-Collectibles Anyway?

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Crypto-collectibles are native digital assets which the consumers can own. They’re scarce, unique, guarantee authenticity, provide a chain of security and opens up new doors for the collectible’s owner and creator to interact with the digital asset in new and exciting ways.

Games such as Crypto-Kitties has made it possible for the true crypto-enthusiasts to have full ownership over digtal assets. This game was a huge success overnight. Yes, that’s how much the crypto-lovers are looking for fun ways to earn some crypto. It was a rather new phenomenon in the market and it caught all eyes. However, creating crypto-collectibles is not a piece of cake! It’s some high-tech shiz! It needs extensive development work and a highly technical pursuit.

A 360° Turn

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Not everyone can create crypto-collectibles. But, that’s about to change! Fan Bits is the first ever DIY crypto-collectible platform. Anyone from anywhere can easily bring their imagination to life by creating their own crypto-collectibles within a few minutes.

There are rare digital collectibles created by amazing artists, memers, streamers and creators. They have the liberty to be as creative as possible. It’s a great platform to be recognized on a huge platform. Where you get to show your talent and experience news to sell your work. You don’t need to be an artist or memer! All you need to have is some passion, dedication and let your artsy take over you. You’ll be able to create you very own crypto-collectible and the world would get to see it and appreciate it by buying it.

How Does It Work?

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Fan Bits is so amazing in so many ways. The idea behind is just mind blowing and creativity is deeply respected on this crypto-collectible platform. After a number of clicks with an infrequent rhythm, and you’re done. You find yourself with your very own digital creation.The content created gets immediately tokenized and it’s published on the marketplace of Fan Bits.

Every time a collectible is bought, the creator gets pain in Ethereum. What an exciting and fun way to get rich! For now only images are tokenized. But its a matter of time till videos and audios will be tokenized too on this innovative platform.

It’s For All

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Fan Bits is a self-service tool. It’s designed in a way that caters all types of photographers, graphic designers, streamers, digital artists and anyone who want to create crypto-collectibles for the people.

Have Your Own Profile

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All the tools you can think of are there for you. These tools can help you show off your work, get praised by the people and start generating sales. Every creator has its own profile and it’s designed in a way that it can shared through the social channels. This is how you can let your friends and family see your great work.

Why Is Fan Bits So Freaking Cool?

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  • You can create digital content and share it with your fans
  • You’ll have your own profile to showcase your collectibles and story. Just like an art gallery!
  • You can track your sales and have a look at your top fans.
  • Getting pad and accepting crypto is easier than ever.

How can you not fall in love with this crypto-collectible creation platform. It has everything you need and it’s a fun way to earn crypto in comparison to the plain old investing and trading!

Let’s take a peak at of some collectibles by the people. Trust us, your mind will be blown after you see all the great, inspiring and breathtaking creations of the people!

Maira Zaheer

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