Facebook Implementing Blockchain Technology

There are many companies launching Blockchain technology solutions for their operations. Facebook is one of them and they are implementing Blockchain technology solutions. According to the sources, Facebook is making changes to its management team. Specifically, David Marcus who was the head of the Messenger team and moving him to a new position, head of an internal team dedicated entirely to the blockchain.

According to the famous publication Recode, Facebook has not announced why it decided to implement blockchain. However, it’s not hard to put two and two together. After all, blockchain is immensely popular, and if Facebook decided to pursue the technology, that could add some serious validity to the cryptocurrency sector.

I want to start exploring decentralizing technologies, such as cryptocurrency and to learn how to use them so i could apply them to Facebook’s services. Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook

So, is this a good idea? Should Facebook start a team intended solely for exploring blockchain technology? Let’s see what some people have said since the news surfaced yesterday.

Muhmmad Furqan

Furqan is a financial markets expert. A regular trader of cryptocurrencies and hold some investments in Bitcoin, Stellar, IOTA and OST. Contributes with latest industry insights. Contact the editor at

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