Facebook Crypto is Cooking-Up Fast: Hiring for Libra Again

It seems that the social media giant, Facebook, is going to stay in the spotlight for quite some time now as new developments regarding its long awaited crytocurrency project keep on surfacing. After the release of its whitepaper only last week, the platform is now on the lookout for two professionals to work on Project Libra.

According to reports, Facebook is seeking a data professional to work on the new network’s wallet and a policy specialist in order to offer solutions for regulatory barriers. The job description posted by the social network on Monday regarding the data professional indicated that the platform is looking for a head of data science for Calibra.

Calibra is the recently launched subsidiary of Facebook, which will be building financial services on top of the Libra blockchain. Its fist product is the digital wallet for Libra that will be built across other Facebook applications like WhatsApp and Messenger, in addition to being a standalone app, available on both Android and iOS.

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Reportedly, the wallet, in addition to covering personal payments, will also expand to e-commerce payment as well. The related job seemingly is focused on data analysis, where the individuals scrutinize and use the acquired data to provide valuable insights. However, it is not solely limited to that, the desired individual would have to help in shaping the roadmap based on that analysis, all the while guiding the team in understanding the technicalities that would measure the success of Calibra.

According to the job posting, the ideal candidate for this position would have to have a background in computer science and sound technical knowledge. Additionally, it is necessary for the individual to have hands on experience in working with large data stores and building software. But at the end of the day, the job isn’t just about numbers, the post reads that the individual will have to:

Apply their expertise in quantitative analysis, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers and understand how our users interact with our core products.

Furthermore, the post also explains that the candidate will be responsible for driving data quality “across the vertical and related business areas”, as they work in sync with the product and engineering teams in order to ensure that the data has been thoroughly understood and properly utilized.

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Moreover, the data engineer will also have the task of managing proper service-level agreements, meaning the agreements between Facebook’s services and its customers regarding what the company will do in order to provide services and what the customers should be expecting.

While Facebook isn’t keeping Project Libra under the down low anymore, there are still some questions surrounding the very new crypto endeavor. And the job postings actually give some insights on the platform’s ambitions regarding the future prospects of Calibra. The posting defines the wallet service as:

It will be the delivery vehicle for many financial services starting with personal payments, but expanding to online and offline commerce and eventually lending and personal financial management.

It also emphasizes on its goal to serve the unbanked population around the globe. The position is located in the company’s Menlo Park office. You can view the extensive list of the job requirements on their posting

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This is the second job posting that the platform has posted specifically for Calibra so far. The company posted another job listing on Friday for a finance program manager, in order to plan, lead and ultimately execute “on global, cross-functional finance projects”.

Up until now, Facebook’s career website has way over two dozen blockchain-related jobs, as the company focuses on growing their team for their project Libra. The social network’s project has been the highlight of crypto news in recent months. Despite the fact that the project is extremely well backed by the likes of Uber, Lyft, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Coinbase and Xapo, Libra has been met with data privacy concerns.

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The concerns majorly stem from Facebook’s way of handling their user’s data. Because of the tremendous control over user financial information that Libra will have, several blockchain-powered startups like Stellar, Tendermint and MobileCoin purportedly refused to work with Facebook on this endeavor.

Facebook is well aware of all the criticism coming its way due to policy risks and regulatory hurdles. In light of which, the platform has another job opening for a public policy manager. The said role will include analyzing possible policy risks and “responding strategically to related legislative and regulatory initiatives”.

According to the job posting, the ideal candidate should have experience in “emerging payments, commerce, blockchain, digital identity, cryptocurrency, and related policy issues, as well as experience working on technology policy issues generally”. You can view the details regarding this job here.

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