Facebook and Instagram Are Building Armies To March Towards Ethereum and Bitcoin

Virtual assets for the Braggy Douchebags

There has been speculation that Facebook may be considering building a native cryptocurrency wallet, which could be used to pay for items purchased on its online marketplace. This is great! People can brag on social media now, more than ever! So if you are one of those, well we hope you are not, but if in case you are, then oh well oh well, you will be given a new life and newer ways to brag more than ever. Thanks Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the other lovelies. Let the tech army roll!

Game Economies

So we all love Facebook games, well, love-hate, since it brought in all the uncles and aunts, who then loved to post their game scores, get free lives and then boast all the trophies they got through their credit cards, Facebook is ready to dive in and make this place a hit again.

In fact, Facebook has already made a move in this space by launching Fb.gg, a gaming video hub that competes with Twitch. It also recently introduced Facebook Stars, a virtual tipping and payment system for gaming worlds. Facebook benefits by adding a pice for its works, duh, a portion of the payment for the creators, yeah they get it lol. And the game streamers benefit through the introduction of a new stream of revenue. Cryptos add the right sultry twist to this army and it changes so much!

The Risk is Huge!

Have you ever tried playing Risk? Don’t you love the armies, don’t you adore the battles. Regulatory expenses and uncertainty are deterrents for any company entering the cryptocurrency arena. But, this is not stopping platforms from accepting bitcoin and ethereum and we are loving it. Blockchain also helps in saving us from identity theft like the little experiment by Telegram.

There are many problems in the current identity management system. Users enter their data and register on several online platforms and websites, and have to create and remember numerous passwords. People can’t update all their credentials and digital identities simultaneously. Telegram is hope.

Social platforms which enable users to link their personal accounts to exchanges could gain a significant advantage in the digital identity and fin-tech space in the long term. This can help combat all lies and deceit issues on the social media, this can help regulate the crazy stalkers and dickpic senders and crazy ex-girlfriends. We heart Blockchain! Best bish ever!

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