Exclusive Interview With the Co-Founder of Horizen,”Horizen is Tackling the Economically Important Increasing Demand for Privacy”

Horizen is one of the crypto platforms floating around on CoinMarketCap. But for a normal user, what is its appeal? What service does it aim to provide? In order to get the answers to these questions, BlockPublisher got in touch with Co-Founder of the project, Rob Viglione, so that one could get a clear insight into the project.

The following Q&A with Rob helps one understand the mission that Horizen is trying to pursue.

  • What is Horizen’s long-term vision?

Horizen’s long term vision is to create a massively scalable blockchain platform that uses the best privacy technologies to enable a distributed application ecosystem in which users own their data.

  • What consensus algorithm is used at its core?

Horizen uses a modified version of Nakamoto consensus from Bitcoin. This is the traditional longest chain rule, which defers to branches with the most accumulated proof of work. Our modification adds a second check on accumulated proof of work, which is that blocks have been submitted to the network in a timely manner. Delayed block reporting is assessed a penalty, which makes it much more costly to mount a 51% attack on the network. The type of proof of work we use is called equihash, which is more memory intensive than the original SHA-256 of Bitcoin.

  • What is Horizen’s appeal to a normal crypto user?

Horizen is tackling the economically important increasing demand for privacy. We’re leveraging the best of blockchain and privacy technologies to create a platform in which users control their own data. In a world where data is becoming increasingly valuable, this structure will become increasingly popular. We have a highly professional team solving some of the biggest problems in crypto right now and in a way that solves a major real-world business problem.

  • What is the project’s main focus right now?

Our main focuses right now are in delivering high-quality products that make using our ecosystem much simpler, we’re constantly improving efficiency of our mainchain, and we’re building a decentralized sidechain system. We also have R&D maturing in governance with an on-chain Treasury voting system, and with a comprehensive protocol upgrade to a blockDAG for massive scalability.

  • Is the team local or global?

The team is global with centers in Milan, NYC, and Los Angeles, as well as smaller teams and individual contributors in about a dozen other countries.

  • What is the target audience of the platform?

Our core audience is the privacy enthusiast who sees both a social and economic imperative for preserving this basic right. As we’ve built out a massive network and are cultivating cutting edge sidechain technologies, we’re reaching application developers and businesses that want to build on our infrastructure.

Horizen’s main focus seems to be on the privacy of the users, which is definitely much-needed in the vulnerable digital world of today rife with malicious parties. Penalties on the delayed blocks is also something that makes Horizen a project to look out for in terms of technological advancement.

Rob Viglione, Co-Founder of Horizen, is a former physicist, mercenary mathematician, and military veteran with experience in satellite radar, space launch vehicles, and combat support intelligence. Contributions within the crypto space include support to the Bitshares project, heading up BlockPay’s U.S. & Canada Ambassador program, and consulting for Bitgate. Rob advises several blockchain projects including ETHLand, Blue-Frontiers, and Hero Engine World. He’s currently a PhD Candidate in Finance at the University of South Carolina researching cryptofinance and teaching “Bitcoin & Blockchain Applications in Finance.” 

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