Exclusive Interview With the Chief Marketing Officer of SKYFchain – Maxim Khabur

SKYFchain is a blockchain-based project aimed at revolutionizing the way how logistic operations are performed by industries. It employs drones in its frameworks and makes sure that the unmanned drone-delivery system is kept secure using blockchain.

As of now, more than 2500+ logistic companies are registered in the United States which perform the operation of delivery for businesses. SKYFchain essentially wants to change the scene by making unmanned logistic operations smooth and free from intervention from human operators. SKYF is a delivery drone, the main product of the ecosystem, and SKYFchain is the platform that makes possible the control of these drones through blockchain.

In order to understand the project better, BlockPublisher got in touch with the Chief Marketing Officer of SKYFchain, Maxim Khabur. In an exclusive interview, Maxim completely elaborated different aspects of the project in detail. The following Q&A with Maxim helps one completely understand the vision SKYFchain is pursuing,

How did you come up with this idea of incorporating blockchain into the drone framework? 

Maxim: We came to this idea when our own unmanned drone SKYF had come close to the first commercial flights and first commercial operations. We know that it always has been centered around humans. There was always someone who would give a signature when the cargo is transferred from under the liability of one party to another.

Now, with the unmanned systems, there is no one. Apparently, the client and the operator can be close enough and can know each other [well enough] to trust. But when there are too many parties from different industries, entities, nations, and states with different legislation, it was getting more and more complicated. To gain this trust, we decided that the best option is to place all the data on blockchain so that it is instantaneously available for the review and is transparent, and you can change anything.

What is your major target audience with this project?

Maxim: There are several audiences. The most important are the operators of the unmanned logistics, operators of unmanned trucks, ships, and drones. That’s one thing. Another important party would be the users, which could order the services online on our platform. But not less important are the financial institutions, like insurance companies and banks. So they would also be provided with the nexus of this data. They can use it to give different traits and to insure the drones and the cargo. These are the three most important parties.

The next step would be to involve the state regulators who will allow them [drones] safety corridors or they’ll allow them the flight routes on the map so that it’s not prohibited anywhere. The information on this route is also on the blockchain.

Are there any difficulties that you are currently facing?

Maxim: Of course, there are two types of difficulties that we are facing. The first one is the development of the unmanned systems which no one has done before. We are going forward but have to solve a lot of technical difficulties because it is a totally different mode of flight and we are developing it from scratch.

Second is the regulations and legislation which are simply non-existent for these type of autonomous vehicles. So there are unmanned vehicles or driverless cars for instance, but driverless does not mean autonomous. They still have to register somewhere. If they take the cargo from point A to point B, there’s always someone. Humans at both point A and point B.

So what we are trying to do is making them truly autonomous. Even if there is no one at point B, the vehicle goes directly to point B and comes back and the cargo is delivered, and there is no human involved. So regulations for this type of logistics do not exist yet. It’s not that they are prohibited, it’s just not regulated anyhow, so that’s what we have to take into account.

You are developing the drones yourself or you have partnered with some other company?

Maxim: Yes, it’s the same company. SKYFchain is a spin-off of the company producing the drones SKYF.

How many products are there in your ecosystem?

Maxim: Its just two products. The first product is the drone itself, the machines. We are in presales and we start commercial operations next year. Of course, there will be diversified services of this product too, but SKYF is the main product.

The next product is SKYFchain which is an open platform and all the unmanned drones can join in and use it.

Is the SKYF blockchain live?

Yes it is live. We have a minimal viable product in place.

How SKYFchain is going to solve the issue of scalability?

Maxim: There are going to be two parts. Our own blockchain platform, which will be internal and our own development, it will sit on our mainframe. And a public blockchain, where the data of the operations and logs will be stored. And besides, there is not too much data we generate. We are not going to stream continuous data, at least not on this platform.

Goals for Q4 and what are you focusing on right now?

Maxim: By Q4, which is just around the corner, we’ll have the opportunity to register the drones or the vehicles. Anyone with a drone can register the vehicle and can register missions. This is already available in our MVP, but we will make it more streamlined. There will also be an opportunity to upload any data regarding the data, the map, the coordinates, and even the video if necessary, as a proof of flight for instance.

Are you looking at partnering with companies like Starbucks for delivery services using your drones?

Maxim: At this moment, absolutely not. We are fully focused on industrial companies with a need for cargo delivery. Not goods, but cargo, I am talking about hundreds of kilograms, preferably in low populated areas with no roads, where the alternative today is light aviation and helicopters. So, this is what we are aiming to replace in the first years of operations.

Lastly summing up the company’s mission, Maxim stated:

We want to bring the future of unmanned logistics into the present and we hope to become the pioneers of unmanned logistics. This will free a lot of labor for other productive activities. We will also make these logistics way cheaper than they are right now.

SKYFchain shows how the blockchain technology can be used in various sectors besides the financial industry. It is one project to look out for in the long run.

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