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Exchange Ratings System to Go Live in 2019, Says Cointelligence CEO on Yavin

Speaking to BlockPublisher’s media partner EAK TV, On Yavin, CEO of Cointelligence, said his company is developing a cryptocurrency exchange ratings system to help potential investors identify the safest way to invest.

He said Cointelligence already provides an independent score on ICO projects on its website, but would be looking to release its exchange rating system in 2019.

Its anonymous rating system helps potential investors check the true value behind ICOs that are launched, and On said his team is dedicated to hunting down scammers and rooting out lies and misinformation that could lead to new investors losing money.

He told BlockPublisher’s media partner EAK TV that the system is completely anonymous and does not accept payment in any way for giving ratings to projects.

“We check the integrity of projects and to make sure they’re connected to reality. We don’t ask for payment for any services that we provide,” he said.

“Our ratings systems for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and security token offerings (STOs) has the biggest value for the website’s visitors for a few reasons.

“We are the only one in the industry that is not willing to accept bribes, we do not accept payments or charge money for listing, we will never take money for ratings. We think it’s very wrong.

“Our raters are completely anonymous, nobody knows who they are. They cannot choose the companies that they rate, the head of research decides who rates what. We have three levels of quality control: the rater, the supervisor who checks the rating … after the supervisor checks the rater, the head of research checks the supervisor to make sure nothing went wrong and that it’s 100% accurate.”

On says the same principles would apply for Cointelligence’s exchange rating system when it is released next year.

“We didn’t see someone else doing rating for exchanges,” he said. “We think it’s very important for the industry. [We will check] security of the exchanges, the legal entities behind the exchanges. Everything that has to do with their customer services, and its usability.

“We’re hoping to get as much audience as possible. We’re hoping to get crypto to the masses. I know it’s a little cliched in the industry, but we have been saying it from day one.

“We have many other plans. The sky’s the limit.”

You can watch the whole interview at EAK TV.

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