Ethical Hacker Offered a Position at After Revealing Bugs in EOS Network

Researchers over the years have pointed out the security flaws in some of the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain networks, despite those projects being worth billions of dollars. Most of the time, these researchers get paid for identifying such flaws as it helps the projects take care of the bugs and provide better security for their users.

Dutch-based Guido Vranken, after conducting extensive research and analysis on the EOS network, found some bugs in it. According to bug bounty program, Vranken was rewarded with a sum of $120,000.

This was made known by Jon Bottarini on Twitter when he tweeted congratulations to Vranken.

Guido Vranken replied the tweet, stating that;

Vranken revealed that he discovered a total of 11 bugs on the EOS network last week. In their report, The HackerOne revealed that Vranken has already been given $90,000 from the bounty payment by for the nine bugs he discovered on their network.

Vranken revealed that he received a total of $120,000, adding that the rewards are still coming in. This isn’t the first time he is receiving such rewards as he has previously reported some flaws with the Ethereum, Ripple, and Stellar networks.

Vranken added that he was offered a position in after he made them aware of his findings.

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