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Ethfinex Announces Kleros as Sponsor for the Upcoming Governance Summit

Yesterday, Kleros was announced as an integral sponsor of the Ethfinex Governance summit scheduled to commence on 29th of September. The summit is a mean to bring together various academics, projects and innovators to make a worthy contribution in the form of decentralized models to the existing ecosystem. Ethfinex aims to provide this platform to these individuals to work towards a decentralized future by keeping in view the current and past situation of the decentralized economy.

The three day summit involves all the concerned parties communicating with each other and sharing knowledgeable information about decentralization. Multiple events have been planned, ranging from a number of presentations from noteworthy speakers to workshops designed particularly to demonstrate hands on knowledge to the attendees. The presentations and workshops will take place on the first and second day respectively,  whereas the third day will be set apart for a the EthFinex board members meeting who have taken the initiative to form this summit in hopes of benefiting from uniting multiple ideas to promote the development of a decentralized governance. The Director of Operations at Ethfinex, Will Harborne said,

The Ethfinex Governance Summit is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring together the most interesting minds within this space and to reward NEC holders for their continued interest in the long-term decisions which make up Ethfinex.

The speakers that are scheduled to carry out presentations are some of the affluent personalities in the decentralized world. Among these are the legal advisors of Bitfinex, Sarah Compani, Paolo Ardoino the CTO of Ethfinex and Clément Lesaege the CTO of Kleros.

A detailed schedule of the event is provided here in addition to the email address for people who are interested in participating in the Ethfinex governance summit,

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