Ethereum’s Smart Contract Can Make Social Media Giants Bigger

No crypto into a platform is bad. One supported crypto is good. Two supported cryptos are better, and three or multiple is just a whole different crypto-scene. Platforms we use today will get so boring eventually, remember Orkut, Myspace, MSN Messenger? Yeah, neither do we. It’s all about the updates baby. You try so hard to be top notch and ahead of your game, why don’t these social media giants maintain the same kinda effort for you, their user base, their product to sell to the big advertising companies.

New and well-advised platforms, who think they are something in this everything is nothing kinda world should consider integrating one or multiple cryptocurrencies just for the fun of it or for being extra bold like the world needs it. This will allow users to transact (using the cryptocurrencies, regular money, or a combination of the two) and to trade virtual assets with one another.

Facebook’s crypto wallet

We have heard of Facebook, yes we have. The rumor has it Facebook is on it like everything hip Facebook wants to open its arms to it.

Credit card supplementation

I hate to add my credit card details everywhere, I know my friends do too, and we know that you know that is is a shit show too, Bitcoin and Ethereum can bridge this trust gap and especially Ethereum’s Smart Contracts can help automate money for work in an efficient manner enabling even more trust.

Game Economies

Video game environments and virtual worlds often feature intrinsic, thriving economies. Social platforms can enable users to conduct some of the commercial transactions from those worlds on social platforms. Imagine Facebook games can now use real money, wouldn’t the player-ship double, triple, quadruple?

Digital Identity and Blockchain

We have all come across that one Princess Johanna, Price Charming, Hottie Online Facebook account, I mean its funny to see it on Twitter, or Instagram, well still a little creepy but, chances are it would blend just right in, but on Facebook, it is FUGLY. Please stop you guys! What are you doing with your life!

These spammy fake accounts made by sick uncles, far off relatives and creepy stalkers can be curtailed by the blockchain solutions and cryptocurrency, this can help cut the alias shit and move to real names, real identity, no lies and no deceit and that is the beauty of it. Telegram Passport is an early example of a social platform making a bold move into the digital identity space.

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