Ethereum’s Reddit: Forbes Takes Buterin’s Wisdom

Ethereum to become as influential as Apple while Buterin takes the homepage of Forbes

The Reddit space is very much different than your any other usual media news sites. Here, it is more about what people are talking about. That said, here are the top news made by Ethereum on Reddit.

1. Forbes takes Buterin’s wisdom

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin might be in his early twenties, but his refined intellect sparks wisdom. Forbes, a well-known and read entrepreneurial magazine presents a quotes everyday on its website’s homepage. Terming it as “Quote of the Day,” it no doubt shares meaningful thoughts of well achieved people.

As in 2018, Forbes quoted the young Buterin.

The statement covered over the homepage.

It is quite interesting to see that reddittors were quick to compare the very quote to one of the ideas presented in the infamous Batman movie, the Dark Knight , hence contributing to quite a long reddit thread.

2. Buterin makes a  100 ETH worth donation to Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a digital and a non-profit library of books, movies, software and others.  Back while the crypto mania was in its peak, inevitably, crypto chairities sprung up.

Among the somewhat donations hype, Buterin also made a donation worth 100 ETH to Internet Archive. The transaction being of course, in crypto and thus democratized, can be viewed here.

3. Ethereum as influential as Apple – a statement comes by an Apple co-founder himself

Mid 2018, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder made a statement showing his high hopes for Ethereum. In fact, according to him, Ethereum could become as influential as Apple, given its particularity in being a platform that allows other institutions to thrive on crypto.

 4. Flights could finally be bought in Ether

Brisbane Airport became among the earliest ones to accept ticket payments in crytpo.  In a partnership with TravelbyBit, they accepted Ether, Bitcoin and Dash. Not only that, it allowed customer to make payments for anything got in their terminals.

5. United Nations prefers the Ethereum Blockchain over Banks

If you had not known, United Nations World Food Programme has had been experimenting with a blockchain-based payments system since 2017. 2108 saw an expansion to the project.

Ethereum’s blockchain was used for the purpose which allowed transfer of food and cash on blockchain. The system since then has been used food and cash transfers for over 80 countries.


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