Ethereum Pioneer Wrote A Fictional Piece and We Aren’t Sure How We Feel About It

The co-founder of multi billion-dollar cryptocurrency project Ethereum, wrote a graphic blog post in 2013 that is not something we are proud of. Gavin Wood wrote about having sex with an 11 or 12-year-old girl dying of AIDS.

In a statement with BuzzFeed News he described it as fiction and “a made-up story meant to spark debate and conversation.”

In his defense, he wrote such a blog post to provoke intellectual debate and discussion. He likes shedding light on such taboo subjects. The now-deleted blog post was written when he was eighteen and he wrote about having sex with a girl six years younger than him. In UK where Wood grew up, the age of consent is sixteen and it is an criminal offence to engage in sexual intercourse with a minor which could lead to life imprisonment as well.

Searches and investigation was carried out to ensure nothing of this nature existed and they were unable to find a death certificate for the child he described in his blog post.

Wood has been a core member of the Ethereum’s developing team. He helped and launched Ethereum with creator Vitalik Buterin, who is seen as the default leader of this open-source project.

Wood never issued an official statement regarding this subject after it started trending on Reddit.

On December 18, 2013, Wood wrote a first person account of a relationship with a much younger girl from a dysfunctional family named Elizabeth. She was a neighbor who he had known of since her birth. He used to babysit her.

Wood was thirteen and Elizabeth was six when she was diagnosed of HIV and was found to be in the advanced stages of AIDS. Time passed and they grew closer, Wood “began to notice just how beautiful she was,” a girl with “large, innocent brown eyes,coupled with a mischievous grin, a slim figure and quite average height.”

“The tragedy of her illness, combined with her exquisite attitude only added to her beauty,” Wood wrote.

What is with men and their obsession with damsel in distress? The knight and shining armor is so OVER DONE. *eye roll*

The problematic behavior of his character is revealed in the following lines where “her young body was maturing behind her mind” and she wanted “to know love.” So, since Wood had a penis in place of a brain, the thirteen year old girl knew love only through sex so she obviously asked him to “take her virginity” while he was home for Christmas holidays from university and described the sexual incident that followed in detail.

“By the next morning, she was tired and sore, but more content than she had ever know,” he wrote.

Elizabeth died a few days later.

On official records there is no death record of the child name Elizabeth in Lancashire County on or around December 31, 1998.

Other details couldn’t be verified however Wood did mention that Elizabeth gave him a woven bracelet from a trip she took to Guatemala and Wood has been seen wearing a woven bracelet in photographs and at public events.

Wood called it a piece of fiction and we don’t feel very positive about his motive behind writing it. However, we don’t know what’s true or not. We would leave that to you.

Do you think Gavin Wood should have written such a post to engage in discourse?


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