Ethereum Parity Full Nodes Affected By Yet Another Bug

UK-based Parity Technologies has reported that a condemnatory bug has been found in a testing domain that is being used by a very important virtual product used on the Ethereum network.

The report revealed that the bug was discovered to cause users to fall out of sync, which will result in others making use of the distinctive programming wouldn’t notice their exchanges. Even though the bug was discovered on a TestNet, it is feared that it could be used on the MainNet too.

Parity Technologies is the firm that maintains the Ethereum Parity full node client. After the discovery of the bug, the firm issued a mandatory update for both normal users and businesses who make use of their software. The latest version of the Parity software 1.11.3-beta will take care of this bug. In its blog post, Parity stated that;

A consensus issue on the public test network Ropsten has revealed a consensus vulnerability that can be triggered by a malformed transaction. Examining the issues with our nodes on Ropsten, we have found out that there is a potential consensus-related issue between Parity Ethereum (up to versions 1.10.4-stable and 1.11.1-beta) and all other Ethereum clients.

This isn’t the first time that Parity is suffering with something like this, with the firm suffering several exploits over the past 14 months, right after it was hacked and lost $30 million worth of ETH. Five months after that, the firm suffered another attack that saw some multi-sig contracts get locked up and frozen. While addressing the issue at the time, Parity stated that;

This means that currently no funds can be moved out of the multi-sig wallets. $152 million in Ether is believed to have been frozen following today’s news.

After that attack, the company requested for an Ethereum hardfork that would see the million dollar bugs reversed. The proposal which would have seen 513,774.16 ETH held in 587 wallets unfrozen was rejected. Of the total 639 votes for the hardfork, 330 of them rejected the notion while the remaining didn’t care if the proposal was approved or not.

This latest bug has further damaged the confidence of clients for Parity, but developers and users are glad that the Ethereum network has more than one client.


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