Ethereum (ETH) Reddit: Constantinople Fork much awaited

In the top stories of Ethereum subreddit this week, Our Status drops in a new release; redditors engage in technical conversations Ethereum’s Constantinople hard-fork; on Augur, bets are placed on the possibility of further delay in the Constantinople hard-fork; SEC releases a guide to ICOs; MyEtherWallet receives a new updated user interface, and a redditor shares their Ethereum-based service.

Here is a small review:

Our Status receives updates

Our Status, an Ethereum-based app meant for chat, transactions, and provision of access to DApps from an Android device. In its  v0.9.33 mobile release, 4 updates have been introduced including an increases in the  log-in speed, modifications to pushed notifications, browser privacy among other changes.

Miners prepare for the Constantinople hard-fork

As a major hard-fork in Ethereum, Constantinople is awaited, miners across r/ethereum subreddit discuss the expected events that come prior to it, for instance the difficulty bomb. The difficulty level for solving blocks jumped yesterday, but an increase in the difficulty has been seen since after December, given that the Ethereum daily block rewards has also experienced a downward trend at that time.

People on Augur bet if Ethereum’s Constantinople fork will happen in time

With a new bug found which affect some smart contracts which using self-destruct. With continual delay in the fork, people are are now betting on Augur on whether the fork could get further delayed.

A redditor shares an Ethereum-based service

The r/ethereum community is engaged in discussion about a free-of-cost and secure service that allows for transfer of files for the public.

SEC’s new guide to ICOs

The SEC updated their guide to ICOs; the new guide consists of five aspects of ICOs, as well as a separate section for investors and market professionals.

MyEtherWallet gets a makeover

MyEtherWallet has launched a new user interface which will continue to provide  Kyber’s token swap functionality



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