Ethereum Classic Development Team Announces Emerald Starter Kit

Featured functions include creating DApps and smart contract interaction

The development team of Ethereum Classic (ETC) have announced the launch of their new Emerald Software Development Kit, which is a complete package for developers that want to develop decentralized applications on the blockchain of Ethereum Classic (ETC). The dev team issued a documentation on the Emerald kit, discussing various functionalities like creating a new Emerald DApp, run a local test net and interacting with the smart contract.

Emerald software kit comes as an important addition to the ETC eco-system which certainly lacks concentration of DApps on its network. Just as well, the ETC dev team has introduced this platform to increase the development of decentralized apps on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain.

The dev team posted the update on their Twitter feed, defining Emerald for users to “Easily start dapp development with the Emerald starter”.

How Emerald works

Ethereum Classic has been playing second fiddle to Ethereum (ETH) for quite some time now. The major reason is that Ethereum (ETH) has a lot of decentralized applications running on its blockchain. Hence, the announcement of Emerald comes at a welcome note for the future prospects of Ethereum Classic.

The Emerald SDK utilizes Truffle’s smart contract management to compile, deploy, and test smart contracts. Within the DApp directory, users can create a new Emerald DApp and run a local test net on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. After launching the Emerald wallet, the test run accounts can be assigned a new ToDo item. The Emerald Wallet will be prompted to open and sign the transaction. When the transaction is signed, the ToDo item will be added to the list. In this way, smart contracts can be implemented via the Emerald system on the ETC blockchain.

Why Emerald will help ETC value altogether

With this tool ready, the Ethereum Classic blockchain is set to see an enormous number of decentralized apps developers switching over for various reasons. The first reason is the immutable nature of the blockchain of Ethereum Classic. It will play a major role in the development of decentralized applications in the long run. This is basically because a lot of industries need immutability for smooth functionality and data integrity purposes.

In addition to that, Emerald software kit is aimed at making the development of decentralized applications much easier. This could make it more appealing to new Dapp developers, and it could result in an explosion of Dapps on the blockchain of Ethereum Classic.

Once the number of Dapps on the blockchain of Ethereum Classic starts to increase, the long-term viability of the digital currency as an investment will also increase significantly. This would massively increase the value of the digital currency and expand its ecosystem.

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